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Export Product Catalogue 2021

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GBUK Group Export Since GBUK was formed in July 2008 the organisation has continually delivered innovative products based on clinical feedback regarding the health, safety and wellbeing of patients. We believe that our collaborative and adaptive approach with Clinicians has enabled GBUK to design and manufacture leading-edge products which help to deliver innovation and change to essential routinely used medical products. This approach has resulted in the usage of GBUK Group products rising from 10,000 per day in 2008 to more than 600,000 today and GBUK are now market leaders in many of our...

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Sustainability • Improving water and energy efficiency whilst reducing emission, waste and pollution from our warehouse and vehicles • Reducing the packaging supplied with our products and increasing recycling rates (currently over 69%) • New Head Office and Distribution Centre designed to use 20% less energy on heating and lighting • Our own wind turbine is expected to provide enough energy to offset the carbon produced in transporting products to our customers • Moving towards all outer packaging and labelling made from recycled materials • Products manufactured under GBUK CE mark •...

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GBUK Enteral is dedicated to the provision of innovative devices that enable healthcare professionals to provide enteral feeding support to their patients. GBUK Enteral is working with the world's leading enteral feeding device suppliers to implement the new ENFit ISO 80369-3 international standard. We are collaborating with clinicians and representatives from all clinical interest groups and regulatory agencies to ensure that the transition to the new connectors is easy and safe for the patient. Nasogastric Feeding Nutricare, Nutricare Infant, Nutricare Flo, Nursing Support Tube, Carefeed...

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Feeding Tubes Feeding Tubes Long-term Nutricare Feeding Tubes Nutricare Infant Feeding Tube Sterile polyurethane feeding tube, fully radiopaque (white), numbered cm marking, male ENFit connector (ISO 80369‑3) with purple or NJ blue cap and guidewire. Includes fixation plaster. Can be used for up to 90 days. Sterile polyurethane feeding tube with radiopaque stripe, numbered cm marking, male ENFit connector (ISO 80369‑3). Includes fixation plaster. Product Features • • • • • • • • • • *Blue stripe on tube is for illustrative purposes only Product Features • • • • • • • • • • Range of Fr sizes...

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Feeding Tubes Nursing Support Tube Nutricare Flo Feeding Tubes ISOSAF™ Nursing Support Tube Nutricare Flo is an open-ended polyurethane tube with clearly numbered cm markings. It is fitted with an ENFit (ISO 80369-3) connector. Range of Fr sizes (4Fr - 12Fr) Range of lengths (40cm - 125cm) Radiopaque stripe Made of PU Use up to 30 days Clearly numbered CM Fixation plaster Male ENFit connector DEHP/Latex/BPA free 2 non-opposing outlet holes Polyurethane feeding tube with rounded open distal end • The open end eliminates the collection of feed in the tip of the tube • Less chance of bacterial...

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Feeding Tubes Ryles Tubes Short-term Feeding & Drainage Tube Ryles Tubes Product Features Carefeed ISOSAF is made from PVC, has clear numbered cm markings and is fitted with the new ENFit (ISO 80369-3) connector. Each single blister includes the NG tube, fixation plaster & record of insertion sticker. 8Fr 6Fr Range of Fr sizes (4Fr - 14Fr) Range of lengths (50cm - 92cm) Fully radiopaque Made of PVC Use for 7 to 10 days Use up to 7 days for Neonates Clearly numbered CM Fixation plaster Male ENFit connector DEHP/Latex/BPA free 2 non-opposing outlet holes Intended for use in patients to...

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The pH Strip reader accurately determines the colour of Enteral pH strips and provides a printed record to attach to patient notes. It is a portable, safe and easy to use analyser that removes subjectivity from reading pH, leading to improved patient safety. Product Features • Compatible with pH Strip Reader • CE marked for the determination of human gastric aspirate • 4 year shelf life • Increments of 0.5 • Clear graduations between pH steps especially between 4.5-5.0 & 5.0-5.5 • pH range 2-9 • Can be stored from 4˚C to 30˚C Direct Codes Product Descriptions pH X-act Strip Reader, Reusable...

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ENPLUG™ Stoma Plugs Pack Sizes • ENPLUG-S ENPLUGs are designed for emergency use to keep stomas from closing when a gastrostomy device has fallen out. Product Features • Stops stoma sites from closing • Saves the stoma site until a new gastrostomy tube can be placed • Includes a range of French gauge sizes in each pack which provides options even when stoma has started to close The ENPLUG packs are available in 2 different lengths and various French sizes in case the stoma has already started to close and the currently used device no longer fits the stoma. • Effective, safe and inexpensive...

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Oral Syringes Oral Syringes Oral Syringes Amber Barrel Oral Syringes Product Features Oral Syringes are available in single use and single patient use for the delivery of feed/medications orally. Available in a variety of sizes with a smooth barrel and tip to make oral feed/medications less traumatic for small babies & children. Product Features • Available as single use & single patient use • Clear barrel markings Oral syringes are also available in Amber with white markings for light sensitive medications. • DEHP and latex free Amber syringes do not transmit more than 10% of incident...

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Enteral Syringes ISOSAF™ Enteral Home Syringes Enteral Syringes Enteral ISOSAF Home 1ml Enteral ISOSAF Home single patient use enteral syringe with female ENFit® connection (ISO 80369-3). Low dose connections are available. Product Features Enteral ISOSAF Home 2 • Silicone O ring in ISOSAF Home 3ml • Polyisoprene bung in ISOSAF Home 2 • DEHP and latex free • Clear barrel markings 10ml Direct Codes Product Descriptions Enteral ISOSAF Home Syringe, Low Dose, Single Patient Use, 5ml Enteral ISOSAF Home Syringe, Single Patient Use, 10ml Enteral ISOSAF Home Syringe, Single Patient Use, 20ml...

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