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£5) GBUKGroup GBUK Group was established in 2008 and is today a successful dynamic and innovative company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of quality healthcare products. Our products provide clinical performance and value. Our rigorous research and development programme has already resulted in the introduction of many innovative products & product design improvements. We are committed to developing and improving the environmental sustainability of our products, a principle which we have also carried forward into the creation of our new Headquarters building. We generate 92%...

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ExportGBUK Group companies provide class-leading products for a wide range of clinical applications in both hospital-based and community healthcare. H Healthcare H Part oF the GBUK Group 00«0 GBUK Enteral Ltd is the leading specialist enteral feeding device company. Our innovative products enable healthcare professionals to provide enteral feeding support to their patients. Every day thousands of patients in hospital and their own homes benefit from our products. Enteral Product Range Enteral Product Codes GBUK Healthcare provides consumables for surgical and post-operative care. Each day...

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14 & 16Fr * Supplied without guidewire & safety literature Tubing Features Enteral UK is working with the world's leading enteral feeding device suppliers to implement the new ENFit ISO 80369-3 international standard. We are collaborating with clinicians and representatives from all clinical interest groups and regulatory agencies to ensure that the transition to the new connectors is easy and safe for the patient. Enteral UK is dedicated to the provision of innovative devices that enable healthcare professionals to provide enteral feeding support to their patients. Range Overview Long Term...

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Enteral Experts NUTRICARE* INFANT CLEAR- Infant Feeding Tube Nutricare Infant Clear is a polyurethane tube with clear numbered cm marking. It is fitted with the new ENFit (ISO 80369-3) connector. Each single blister includes the NG tube and fixation plaster. *Blue stripe on tube is for illustrative purposes only • Fixation plaster • Male ENFit connector ISO-Saf* • Radiopaque stripe • Numbered every CM • Use up to 90 days Tubing Features Tubing Features Radiopaque Stripe Short Term Feeding & Drainage Tube Carefeed ISOSAF is made from PVC, has clear numbered cm markings and is fitted with the...

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Part of the GBUK Group 00®0 Enteral Drainage Bags Enteral Drainage Bags to fit any ENFit compliant tubes used for gastric drainage. DEHP FREE DEHP FREE The 500ml and 1000ml bags include an integral tube. The bags are made from soft EVA material. Male ENFit Connector Funnel Connector G-Pak The pack contains everything needed for a Gastrostomy change in one easy-to-use pack. Colostrum Gold Kit Kit for the collection and administration of Colostrum available with 1ml or 3ml syringes. \ 3^ ■■■* _ ’l ENTERAL CONNECTOR BRUSH

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Enteral Experts ENPLUG* ENPLUG™ Stoma Plugs ENPLUG are designed for emergency use to keep stomas from closing when a gastrostomy device has fallen out. • for human gastric aspirate • 4 year shelf life • Small single patient pack available • 0.5 increments The ENPLUG packs are available in 2 different lengths and various French sizes in case the stoma has already started to close and the currently used device no longer fits the stoma. Accessories ENTERAL SYRINGE CAP ENTERAL MEDICINE STRAW Enteral Medicine Straw Y-Port Adaptor Male ENFit connector (ISO 80369-3). Male ENFit connector (ISO...

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Range Overview CareTip & TenderTip GBUK Healthcare products are used routinely in hospitals throughout the UK and to provide care for patients in their own homes. Highest quality catheters with crystal clear vacuum control for maximum secretion viewing and colour-coded bead clearly identifying the catheter size. The catheter’s distal tip has small lateral eyes to relieve vacuum and provide atraumatic tracheobronchial suctioning. A thin wall design offers maximum suction flow rate. (35, 50 & 60cm lengths – 5–16Fr) Committed to advancing patient care, we are working with leading clinicians to...

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For comfort & ease of introduction Frosted, soft, medical grade PVC TenderTip catheters are the best-selling and most widely used open suction catheters in the UK. The vacuum control is the most recognised design in all areas of use. CareTip catheters represent the very latest in design. Featuring an ergonomically advanced vacuum control with enhanced suction tubing connection. Crystal clear vacuum control Colour-coded bead For easy catheter size identification Oral Care Catheters For clear observation of suctioned secretions “…routine oral care/hygiene.” Mini Cath Mini Cath Delicate Short...

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H Healthcare Part oF the GBUK Group 00®0 L. A TenderTip closed suction catheters are designed to be used for up to 24 hours. Available in both tracheal (34cm) and endotracheal (54cm) lengths. Atraumatic internal catheter has clear cm graduations. Supplied with a flexible catheter mount, day-change stickers and a patient’s notes sticker. Irrigation port, with one-way valve Allowing simple catheter tip cleaning Clear observation port Aiding secretion monitoring Clear cm graduations, with numerals For accuracy of depth during suctioning Soft, quiet EVA sheath For ultimate tactile feedback...

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Neonatal closed suction in 5, 6 & 8Fr catheter sizes. Kit includes 3 Y-Adaptors. The 31cm, soft internal catheter has high-visibility coloured depth markings for accurate and safe suctioning. TenderTip Neonatal TenderTip Paediatric Soft catheter options in 6, 7 & 8Fr with coloured depth markings. Kit includes 3 Adaptors for use with popular paediatric ET tubes. pth marke rs Double-swivel elbow Reducing strain on ventilator tubing, for patient comfort TenderTip T-Piece Tethered dust cover Reducing risk of contamination An adult 24hr closed suction catheter with a single swivel elbow...

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