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mproving patient safety in medical fluid and gas delivery circuit connections Neuraxial ISO 80369-6 NRFit® Neuraxial Connectors NRFit® & DASH 6* • ISO 80369 establishes unique designs for different circuit applications. • Each application is identified by its ISO 80369 suffix number. • Connectors compliant with ISO 80369-6 are specific to neuraxial devices. • The term “NRFit®” refers to neuraxial devices that are ISO 80369-6 compliant. • Major manufacturers are using the colour yellow to identify NRFit® devices. • NRFit® devices from GBUK Healthcare are exclusively branded “DASH 6*”. Surety* Surety* neuraxial devices had previously been introduced to provide an alternative to the use of universal luer-type systems for neuraxial applications.

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Lock Syringes Direct Code ISO 80369-6 NSurety*, NRFit® & Surety* neuraxial d an alternative to ur systems for neurax Direct Code Surety* devices are phased out. NHS supply chains stocks of NRFit® Da ISO 80369-6 NRFit step forward in pat Work with us to en transition to NRFit® Syringe to Syringe Adapter

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Slip Syringes Direct Code Jeuraxial DASH 6* evices were 10ml Slip LOR Device liversal luer-type ial applications. to be progressively are building ^SH 6* products. t® is a significant :ient safety. Direct Code sure your smooth DASH 6*. 125cm Extension Set with Clamp 25pcs./box

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Surety® Code Product Description DASH 6® NRFit®Code 05011010 H Healthcare PartoFthe GBUKGroup 0090 GBUK Healthcare WoodlandHouse BlackwoodHall Business Park NorthDuffield,Selby North Yorkshire YO8 5DD T +44 (0) 1757 288 587 E NRFit® Registered Trademark of GEDSA and used with permission. ‘Denotes a Registered Trademark or Trademark of GBUK Group Ltd. GBUK Healthcare is a trading name of GBUK Group Ltd. 02017 Copyright GBUK Group Ltd. hc-pl-012 03

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