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Suction Liner System Part oF the GBUK Group OOOO

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Healthcare Part oFthe GBUK Group •• • GBUK Healthcare is a privately owned British medical device manufacturing and distribution company, and our products are used routinely in hospitals throughout the UK. Every day more than 120,000 GBUK Group Ltd products are used to care for patients. We maintain our portfolio of leading-edge products by working with clinicians to develop enhanced product features that deliver increased benefits to both users and patients. SERRES Serres is a family-owned Finnish company known for its high quality products and innovative solutions Serres is the largest...

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Why choose the Serres Suction Liner System? The Serres suction system enables hospitals to make significant improvements to the way they manage their medical suction, both in their operating theatres and on the wards. Safety is improved with a closed system and simple one cap closure after use. Significant cost savings are realised through there being far fewer product codes and much reduced stock inventory. SYSTEM BENEFITS Cost effective One simple patient connection – no risk of misconnection Small number of product codes – reduced inventory Closed system – safe and hygienic Fold-flat...

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Serres System Overview 1 Disposable Suction Liner 1 Dual Purpose Filter: Offers bacterial filtration and fluid overflow protection. Every liner has this filter, so the standard liner suits all applications. Fold Flat Design: Dramatically reduces storage space. Tethered Cap: Provides secure, dependable closure after use. Serial Port: For simple cascading from one liner to the next. Reusable Suction Canisters 6 Clear Volume Markings: Provides accurate measurement of collected fluid. CE marked and calibrated. Serres canisters are certified as measuring devices (Europe class 1m certificate,...

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Serres System Overview WARDS & DEPARTMENTS The Serres suction system is the modern choice for hospital wards, with clean modern design and robust construction. Fits all makes of wall brackets using unique holder adaptors. 1 litre, oval canister for space limited applications. need to disconnect the vacuum connection when No changing the liner. Yellow vacuum tubing available – code YT-GBUK/Bulk OPERATING THEATRES It is in the operating theatre that the Serres suction system truly excels. Unique, modular design allows for any combination of canister configurations, and will accommodate...

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Serial Connection (Cascading) Serres suction liners ALL have hydrophobic overflow protection filters in their lids. This is a huge advantage when cascading, as there is no need to use a combination of filtered and non-filtered liners. O Reliable, safe cascading. O Fast, simple connection. Q Intuitive set-up. O Only one liner style required. Other systems rely on there being a filtered liner to protect the suction equipment together with a series of non-filtered liners to permit the cascading. These have to be fitted in the correct sequence for the system to work, and of course both types of...

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Disposable Suction Liners O Tough, polyethylene liner material. O Drop tested (full of water) from 6 metres onto concrete. O Ultrasonically-welded seams. Q Tethered cap for quick, secure closure. Serres suction liners are available in 1 litre, 2 litre and 3 litre sizes, and are designed to provide the highest levels of performance and ease of use All Serres suction liners are made of thin yet very strong polyethylene film, making the system the safest and most hygienic solution available. They are fitted with a patented single patient connector that makes misconnection virtually impossible....

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System AccessoriesAll accessories are compatible with Serres suction liners and are easy and fast to connect. • Specimen set is designed for tissue collection, and is used in conjunction with uterine aspiration tubing and disposal box options. • Measuring cup allows accurate measurement of small fluid volumes. • Splash-Vac is for the convenient removal of fluids from the floor. • Smoke filter prevents premature filter blockage by smoke, and can be used with the saf-t-vac diathermy pen attachment for efficient plume evacuation.

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Theatre Trolleys & AccessoriesSerres trolleys are easy and convenient to move and hold up to 12 canisters plus two accessories. Available in two heights. The high trolley is supplied with a holder for 6 canisters and accommodates a suction controller and vacuum shift if required. An optional canister holder can be installed for an additional 6 canisters. The low trolley holds 3 canisters. Due to the modular design many combinations of canisters and cascade arrangements are possible. So, the Serres system can be constructed to best suit any surgical discipline and user preferences.

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Tubing I Liner + Tubing SetsSerres connection tubes are intended for connecting suction devices (catheters, yankauers, etc) to waste collection systems. • Pre-cut lengths fitted with high-quality anti-kink moulded connectors. • Sterile (ethylene oxide). • Made from medical grade PVC. • Ready-to-use suction packages - combining Serres connection tubes with fully compatible Serres disposable suction liners. 5813183

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In advance of the conversion theatre managers will have been consulted regarding the specific requirements of each of their theatres, and the most convenient time for the conversion will have been agreed. Throughout the conversion trained GBUK Healthcare staff remain in the department to provide training, answer any questions and familiarise all staff with the new equipment. Our reputation ensures an efficient, speedy and comprehensive service that involves thorough staff training, with minimal disruption. GBUK Healthcare has been successfully converting hospitals to the Serres suction...

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Blackwood Hall Business Park T +44 (0) 1757 282 945 North Duffield, Selby E North Yorkshire YO8 5DD In the interest of continuing product development, GBUK Group Ltd (trading as GBUK Healthcare) reserves the right to make changes which may affect the information contained in this brochure without prior notice. ™ Trademark of GBUK Group Ltd. GBUK Group award-winning specialist companies are experts in the provision of enteral feeding, critical care and patient moving and handling products and technologies. GBUK Group companies are suppliers to every UK NHS Trust and...

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