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GBUK Healthcare is a privately owned British medical device manufacturing and distribution company and our products are used routinely in hospitals throughout the UK. Each day more than 200,000 GBUK Ltd products are used to care for patients. We maintain our portfolio of leading-edge products by working with clinicians to develop enhanced product features that deliver increased benefits to both users and patients. Wound Drainage GBUK Healthcare wound drains are manufactured in Italy by Redax S.p.A. Redax combines experience and innovation with the ability to meet clinical requirements...

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Wound Drainage - 3

Wound Drainage High Vacuum Systems Safe-T-Vac Range Overview Bellows Systems Closed Bellow Mini Bellow Silicone Systems Robinson Type Systems Drentch Pump Drentech Closed Silicone Fluted Drains Thoracic Drains Smart Drain Spiral Drain Straight Angled Generic Drains Jackson-Pratt® Style Penrose T-Kehr Redon

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Wound Drainage - 4

High Vacuum Systems Safe-T-Vac is a high vacuum post-operative wound drainage system consisting of a rigid pre-evacuated bottle, connection tubing and Redon PVC drain with an attached trocar. Initial vacuum of 95kPa (950mbar/712 mmHg) Crystal clear bottle - graduated for reliable observation of drained content Radio-opague Redon PVC drain with attached trocar (8-16Fr options) Drain length 78cm, perforated length 14cm 200ml, 400ml & 600ml bottle options, each with bed hangers Integral vacuum status indicator with clear min/max DEHP & latex free Safe-T-Vac 200ml kit with bottle drain and...

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Wound Drainage - 5

Bellows systems are PE bellows manually evacuated to provide medium vacuum using an innovative internal spring design which produces constant vacuum throughout the filling cycle. The system remains a closed circuit even during repeated emptying and reactivation and a one-way anti-reflux valve prevents backflow - minimising the risk of retrograde infection. Available Options: ■ Bellows only ■ Bellows + connecting tubing ■ Bellows + connection tubing + Redon drain ■ Bellows + connection tubing + Redon drain + trocar ■ Bellows + bag (with or without tap) ■ Bellows + bag + Redon drain + trocar...

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Wound Drainage - 6

Sprung hanger Drentech silicone systems are silicone bulbs manually evacuated to produce a gentle low vacuum of around 4kPa (40mbar/30mmHg). Fully tested for haemocompatibility and biocompatibility. Featuring sturdy sprung hangers and anti-reflux valves. Available Options: ■ Silicone bulbs only (100ml, 200ml & 400ml) ■ Silicone bulbs (100ml & 400ml) + round silicone (Jackson-Pratt® style) drain (7Fr & 15Fr) ■ Silicone bulbs (100ml & 400ml) + round silicone (Jackson-Pratt® style) drain (7Fr & 15Fr) + trocar ■ Silicone bulb (100ml, 200ml & 400ml) + bag (200ml & 600ml - with/without tap) ■...

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Wound Drainage - 7

Pre-attached drain Drentech Bag is a Robinson type closed drainage system for gravity drainage consisting of a silicone drain pre-attached to a PVC collection bag. The medical grade silicone drain is biocompatible, thrombo-resistant and features atraumatic tapered oval drainage eyes. Soft kink-resistant design conforms easily to anatomical contours for superior patient comfort and maximum drainage performance Collection bag has a wide bore tap for easy emptying and an internal anti-reflux valve to prevent fluid backflow. Available Options: ■ 600ml bag with attached 100cm silicone drain ■...

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Wound Drainage - 8

Smart Drain is a single-extrusion hubless fluted profile silicone drain. 4 external channels provide superior drainage due to a significantly increased drainage area compared to regular drains - as much as ten times that of a standard perforated drain. The multiple narrow ducts minimize tissue ingrowth and patient discomfort during wound healing and drain removal. 107cm total length, 30cm fluted length. Available with or without attached trocar in sizes 10-19Fr. Flat Fluted Drains are externally fluted as Smart drain but present a much lower profile to further improve patient comfort and...

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Wound Drainage - 9

Silicone thoracic drains are biocompatible and thrombo-resistant and conform easily to anatomical contours. Available in straight and right-angled versions with bevelled end for atraumatic insertion. Smooth staggered oval side eyes and open distal tip minimize occlusion and encourage fluid evacuation. Depth markings at 2cm intervals (2-20cm) Available Options: ■ Straight catheter 50cm with 12cm perforated length ■ Right-angled catheter 60cm with 10cm perforated length ■ Straight catheter in 12-36Fr ■ Right-angled catheter in 24-36Fr Description licone thoracic licone thoracic licone...

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Wound Drainage - 10

Jackson-Pratt® style silicone drains are ideal for continuous post-operative drainage and are available in flat & round profiles. 100cm length with round side eyes (21cm perforated length). Available with or without trocar Penrose drains are flat capillary silicone drains in either 30cm or 50cm length. Available in 6-16mm external diameter tube styles. Special 40mm “open” (nontube) style version. T-Kehr silicone tubes are specifically for biliary drainage. 45cm tube length with 20cm horizontal length. Graduated at 5, 10, 15 & 20cm. Redon drains are made of non-toxic PVC with a full length...

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Wound Drainage - 11

Pre-Cut Silicone drains designed mainly for gravity drainage. 50cm length with atraumatic staggered oval drainage eyes. 12cm perforated length. Available in sizes 9Fr-36Fr. Product NHSSC Description Pack Code Code size 24309 - Silicone Wound Drain - Fr9 20 24312 - Silicone Wound Drain - Fr12 20 24315 - Silicone Wound Drain - Fr15 20 24318 - Silicone Wound Drain - Fr18 20 24321 - Silicone Wound Drain - Fr21 20 24324 - Silicone Wound Drain - Fr24 20 24328 - Silicone Wound Drain - Fr28 20 24330 - Silicone Wound Drain - Fr30 20 24333 - Silicone Wound Drain - Fr33 20 24336 - Silicone Wound Drain...

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Wound Drainage - 12

GBUK Healthcare is a leading medical device manufacturer and distributor working with every NHS Trust. Each day in the UK more than 200,000 GBUK Ltd products are used to care for patients. We pride ourselves on providing: • Market leading products • Expertise and support across a broad range of clinical specialities • Unique and innovative product solutions • Outstanding service and support GBUK Healthcare Woodland House Blackwood Hall Business Park North Duffield, Selby North Yorkshire YO8 5DD T 01757 288 587 E sales@gbukhealthcare.com GBUK Healthcare is a trading name of GBUK In the...

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