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General Catalogue 2012 - 1


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General Catalogue 2012 - 3

Dear Partner, it is really a pleasure to welcome you For several years now our daily com- mitment has been focused on pro- viding integrated solutions to dental lighting, support systems, micro mo- tors and dental components, always keeping in mind innovation and usability as our guiding principles. this direction and, to bear it in mind, we summed it in our company logo; the horizontal line, sharp and clear, represents the line of perfection, the ideal to be achieved, while the lower line symbolizes our daily effort We already started our journey on this line, we invite you to walk with...

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General Catalogue 2012 - 5

Electronic &/or pneumatic control boards 38 Light electronic boards 39 Foot control tubings 48 Pressure head & hepa filter 58

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General Catalogue 2012 - 7

Company Profile OUR DAILY COMMITMENT TO DENTAL CARE AND INNOVATION G.Comm is an innovative company, focused on the production of components for dental units. A company with 20-years experience in the production of dental lights and electric micromotors, G.Comm thanks to its know-how started producing and selling products with its own trade mark, reliable, high quality, competitive products for the well work of dentists and the well being of patients, always in total respect of sanitary regulations, hygienic conditions and environmental Together with dental lights and electric micromotors...

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General Catalogue 2012 - 8

PHI I OSOPHY_ _Company Profile Business Philosophy We do not seek merely to expand our business volume. Rather, we are dedicated to the use of our unique, innovative technologies to contribute to the dental care and well being of our customers. Our future prosperity is directly linked to the prosperity of our customers, dea- The "I light it" philosophy has revolutionized the way to design and manufacture our products. The goal is to achieve a significant improvement of the dentist work, paying attention to the quality of light and protection of the Our daily commitment to customer care is...

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General Catalogue 2012 - 9

Company Profila_ _I IGHTGAI I FRY G.Comm will also design and create your custom product under specific, personal request to help find the best and finest solution to dental unit. A quality of production also testified by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Currently working with over 30 different countries, G.Comm is now determined to grow larger and experience new markets all around the world.

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General Catalogue 2012 - 10

PHOTO GALLERY Company profile Our manufacturing process is based on strictly quality checking and procedure. Our R&D department is continuously collaborating with experts to respond promptly to the needs of the market. 10

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General Catalogue 2012 - 11

P.nmpany profile G.Comm recognizes a strategic role in the after sale service. The fast and efficient delivery of spare parts and accessories, the availability of a clear and complete documentation are the ultimate confirmation of our commitment to customer care. G.Comm has a wide range of products to support dental units manufacturers and dealers. By working with us you can take the advantage of a sole supplier with years of experience, rapidly growing all over the world.

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General Catalogue 2012 - 14

Dental Lights TECHNICAL FEATURES Weight: 1,9 Kg (light arm not included) Colour rendering index (CRI): >85 In conformity with directive: Technical features have a tollerance Available colours: ** for more information about waranty see page 84 DENTAL LIGHT with arm 1470 mm [on request 1670 mm) DENTAL LIGHT POLARIS SWITCH DENTAL LIGHT POLARIS SENSOMATIC DENTAL LIGHT POLARIS SWITCH, S^AXISMOV. DENTAL LIGHT POLARIS SENSOMATIC, S^AXISMOV. DENTAL LIGHT POLARIS SWITCH, DENTAL LIGHT POLARIS SENSOMATIC FOR CEILING DENTAL LIGHT POLARIS SWITCH, FOR CEILING APPLICATION, S^AXISMOV. DENTAL LIGHT POLARIS...

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General Catalogue 2012 - 15

POLARIS Dental Lights SPARE PARTS 86.H000.0003SP 86.E000.0017 86.E000.0020 86.E000.0006 LEDs assembly with dissipator including reflectors Left Handle & Right Handle including handle cover 86.E000.0020 Handle Cover only Protection screen COLOUR TEMPERATURE REGULATION through a regulation system (G.Comm patented) it is possible to adjust the colour temperature from 4.200 K to 6.000 K in order to improve the contrast on soft tissues. LIGHT INTENSITY it is possible to adjust illuminance from 8.000 to 35.000 lux, as a function of the specific application, reducing eyestrain. SCIALITIC EFFECT...

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General Catalogue 2012 - 16

Accessories for Dental Lights CORE WHITE 86.L100.0000 Core White only for TECHNICAL FEATURES Maximum power consumption: 30VA Maximum light power emitted: 2000mW Maximum distance from patient: 10cm Core white is a bleaching light system easily to be applied directly to POLARIS Through LED technology is possible to get the desired light intensity for different opera- tion purposes. No external supports, make the operation area free from any obstruction. The need of a visual communication between operator and patient has lead to the creation of a pull-out MIRROR for POLARIS, allowing the...

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General Catalogue 2012 - 18

Dental Lights TECHNICAL FEATURES Weight: 1,5 Kg (light arm not included) Power supply: Bulb Tungsten Halogen Type: H-star 12v Available colours: DENTAL LIGHT with arm 1470 mm [on request 1670 mm)

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General Catalogue 2012 - 19

Dental Lights SPARE PARTS Designed to be ergonomie and modern at the same time, our dental operating light Vision is also very easy to clean. ITALIAN DESIGN The operating light VISION it's on the market since 20 years, with excellent results. Simple and functional, thanks to the coated reflector glass guarantees a light pattern without shadows and imperfections and a cold white light. With potentiometer This model allows to choose the needed light Intensity from 15000 This model allows the progressive This model allows to switch on-off the light just passing one hand standard size for unit...

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General Catalogue 2012 - 20

Dental Lights TECHNICAL FEATURES Weight: 1,6 Kg (light arm not included) Bulb Tungsten Halogen Type: H-star 12v Available colours: DENTAL LIGHT with arm 1470 mm [on request 1670 mm)

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General Catalogue 2012 - 21

Dental Lights SPARE PARTS ITALIAN DESIGN Smooth and simple lines as well as functional technical solutions. Expression of a product Made in Italy. New resin reflector, easy to clean and resistant to brakes. New quick disconnect autoclavable plastic handles. Isa operating light is entirely made in alluminium; its structure is very solid, resistant and does not wear-out after mechanical use. Isa assures high level illumination performances: light intensity up to 30.000lux, well defined light pattern, colour temperature 5.000K", colour rendering index >90. standard size for unit mount...

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