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Lighting - 3

the company that loves your eyes

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Lighting - 4

the responsible light High technology for a perfect vision The aim of a dental light is to provide appropriate illumination levels in the treatment area, assuring the professional and patient's comfort. The quality of light is not only essential for a correct visualisation of surgical field and for a true perception of colours, but also for the influence that light plays on the physiological processes of the observer. Several studies have demonstrated that the light source characteristics, in terms of colour temperature and light intensity, can influence the concentration level, improving...

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Lighting - 5

eyestrain? forget it. All Gcomm lights give the possibility of light intensity (lux) adjustment, making the light adaptable to the level required by the specific application and consequently reducing eye strain. On Gcomm LED lights it's also possible to adjust the colour temperature, a physical characteristic measured in Kelvin [K], used to defined the hue of the light. A low colour temperature, less than 4.000 K, corresponds to a yellow-orange hue, while a light with colour temperature in the range of 12.000 K to 16.000 K has a blue tint. Colour rendering index (CRI) expresses how...

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Lighting - 7

Nuvola Vision Isa i light it 07 The “I light it” philosophy has revolutionised the way to design and manufacture our products. The goal is to achieve a significant improvement of the dentist’s work, paying attention to the quality of light and protection of the environment. Harmony in lighting is a perfect combination between environmental illumination and the treatment area illumination, our systems could work as one, independently, but in symbiosis to each other. With Gcomm you have now available all the lighting solutions.

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Lighting - 8

Gcomm introduces, first in the dental lighting sector, an innovative user interface with iOS technology, available now for iPad. It represents a revolutionary and unique step towards the traditional dental light concept. The application "My light" is equipped with an easy interface for the remote regulation of colour temperature, light intensity and Full HD videocamera zooming. There are two more additional options: User customisation and Gcomm recommended values. Three buttons allow to flip, reverse and freeze the image from the videocamera. More user profiles can be customised for a...

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Lighting - 9

Iris built-in full HD videocamera IRIS is equipped with a Full HD videocamera (1.920 x 1.080 px) with Autofocus and white balance regulating device. With a 20x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom the videocamera ensures clear and detailed images of the oral cavity for diagnostic and treatment. Videos can be recorded on external devices* for educational purposes (university and conferences) and for the treatment technique improvement. 09 * third party products

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Lighting - 11

Patient mirror Autoclavable handles Surgery treatment colour temperature setted on 4.500 K for a better contrast on soft tissue Colour tooth matching colour temperature setted on 5.500 K for a daylight colour rendering Polimerysation filter colour temperature setted on 3.000 K to prevent activation of composites Adjustable light intensity between 8.000 lux and 35.000 lux. Possibility to adjust as well the colour temperature (from 4.200 K to 6.000 K) to the individual needs of the user. Additional keys on the keyboard allow the use of the Full HD videocamera system by zooming in and out, up...

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Lighting - 12

POLARIS R2 led technology to light your work 12

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Lighting - 13

Potentiometer for Lux and Kelvin Sensor On/Off 13 The POLARIS R2 light is realised with an advanced design, characterised by simple and soft lines. Design has been particularly studied in order to realise a dental light not only with high performances but also aesthetically considered: a perfect union of functionality and aesthetics. Soft lines and smooth surfaces, the possibility of an easy handles’ extraction and sterilisation allows to an optimal cleaning and hygiene. POLARIS R2 is characterised by shells entirely in aluminium, which assures a high robustness. The studied geometry of...

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Lighting - 14

ISA dental halogen light Dental light ISA has been designed to be ergonomic and modern at the same time. The results of the applied technology are: an operating light very easy to handle, stable and unique for its armonious lines and pleasant colours a perfect light pattern and cold white light (up to 30.000 lux) new high performance resin reflector, easy to clean and resistant to brakes a colour rendering index > 90 Dental light ISA is the expression of a product MADE IN ITALY. 14

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Lighting - 15

VISION 15 dental halogen light The operating light VISION is on the market since 20 years, with excellent results. Simple as functional, thanks to the high performance resin reflector, it guarantees a light pattern without shadows and imperfections, as well as a cold white light. Available in three versions: Vision Switch: allows to choose the needed light intensity at 15.000 lux or 25.000 lux Vision with Potentiometer: the progressive regulation between 15.000 lux and 25.000 lux allows to select the light intensity more suitable for dentist needs Vision with Optical Sensor: in order to...

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Lighting - 17

17 To be able to perform a satisfactory work in an ergonomic way it is essential that the dental practice is equipped with a lighting system suitable and studied according to the physical characteristics of the room itself and the operational needs. Hence the idea of a series of ceiling professional lights - NUVOLA and NUVOLINA - for studio lighting and for any dental treatment room. The NUVOLA series has been developed with materials that allows an easy and simple cleaning to prevent bacterial proliferation. Modern design, smooth lines and a body without openings, makes it perfect for use...

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Lighting - 18

COREWHITE bleaching light system Corewhite is a bleaching light system that can be easily applied directly to POLARIS and IRIS by removing a handle. Through LED technology is possible to get the desired light intensity for different operation purposes. No external supports, make the operation area free of any obstruction. Available also on independent trolley. 18

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