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POLARIS: BEYOND THE VISION A correct illumination influences not only a correct visualization, but also biological processes. The quality of a light source emission is a suitable aspect to be considered. The luminous signal is responsible of two effects: • visual effect: in the visual brain cortex, imagine is created through complex interactions and processing; • non visual effect: In specific brain nuclei, luminous signal influences biological rhythms regulation, endocrine secretion, emotion management, alertness level control and muscular tension. Recent studies have shown that non visual...

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MADE FOR THE EYES WHO LOOK AT IT BUT ESPECIALLY FOR THE EYES WHO WORK WITH IT LIGHT INTENSITY The possibility to adjust light intensity allows : Eyestrain reduction An Incorrect Illumination level forces eye to work hard and determines, consequently, a faster eyestrain. The possibility of light intensity adjustment makes the light adaptable to the level required by the specific application, reducing eyestrain. Mental concentration increase The melatonin secretion is reduced by the Increase of light intensity. Reducing melatonin, alertness enhances and so the operator concentration, with a...

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LED TECHNOLOGY TO LIGHT YOUR WORK DISTRIBUTION OF LUMINOUS INTENSITY AT70 CM DISTRIBUTION OF LIGHT INTENSITY WITH BARRIER POLARIS, through a regulation system (G.COMM patent) allows to adjust the colour temperature In order to improve the contrast on soft tissues, increasing the visibility and High Illuminance values of POLARIS allows to improve visual acuity and so the details perception, reducing fatigue and the probability of errors. It Is possible to adjust Illuminance as a function of the specific application and to improve the tissues visualization after a visual adaptation due to...

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The low values of current and voltage, required to supply the light source, minimize the heat production, making the fan cooler not necessary. Typical halagan source HIGH LIFETIME LED lifetimes are high In comparison with halogen light. Minimum LED lifetime is about 50.000 hours. SCIALITIC EFFECT The clearly geometry of reflectors, In combina- tion with each LED source, allows to realize a luminous flux which Is homogeneous, clean and without shadows. The sclalltic effect is the result of the superimposition of 100 individual light fields (10 light fields for each reflector) which produces...

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THE NEW FRONTIER OF DENTAL ILLUMINATION LED TECHNOLOGY ERGONOMICS AND ITALIAN DESIGN The dental lamp POLARIS Is realized with an advanced design, characterized by simple and soft lines. Design has been particularly studied in order to realize a dental lamp not only with high performances but also aesthetically considered: a perfect union of functionality and aesthetics. Soft lines and smooth surfaces, the possibility of an easy handles' extraction and sterilization allow to an optimal cleaning and hygiene. POLARIS Is characterized by shells entirely in aluminium, which assure an high...

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Ceiling application TECHNICAL FEATURES Weight: 1,9 Kg (light arm not included) Colour rendering index (CRI): > 85 In conformity with directive: 93/42 CEE class 1 Applicable Norm: UNI EN ISO9680, CEI-EN 60825-1; Technical features have a tollerance of +/-10%

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the need of a visual communication between operator and patient has lead to the creation of a pull-out MIRROR for POLARIS, allowing the patient to follow The ANTI-POLYMERIZATION FILTER Is another example of kind attention towards the patient. This filter Is easily interchanpeable with the MIRROR through a simple dap joint device. The purpose of this accessory Is to reduce spectrum of light emission avoiding activation of the composite, even with the maximum light

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CORE WHITE Core white is a bleaching light system easily to be applied directly to POLARIS removing a handle. Through LED technology is possible to get the desired light intensity for different operation purposes. No external supports, make the operation area free of any obstruction. Technical features: Power supply: Maximum power consumption: Current consumption: Light pattern: Light source: Emission spectrum: Maximum light power emitted: Maximum distance from patient: The optical system of core white is made as shown in the figure. The light beams emitted by each of 4 LED sources are...

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