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DeltaVision Elite Cell Imaging System


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DeltaVision Elite Cell Imaging System - 1

DeltaVision™ Elite Cell Imaging System

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DeltaVision Elite Cell Imaging System - 2

The DeltaVision difference The DeltaVision imaging system is a fully integrated, turnkey, deconvolution microscope system optimized for low light and live cell imaging applications. We continue to advance the performance and utility of the system to provide high quality image data for cellular imaging applications. The benefits and improvements of the current DeltaVision Elite Imaging System over the previous generation DeltaVision Core system are presented. Additionally, advantages of the enhanced features and offerings, such as, 6 lasers, an environmental control system, improved staging,...

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DeltaVision Elite Cell Imaging System - 3

The TruLight Illumination System The illumination system is the heart of every microscope and critical to system performance. We have the TruLight Illumination System, a design for the DeltaVision fluorescence illumination path that consists of four key elements: Powerful solid state illumination and ultrafast wavelength switching Seamless switching between viewing and imaging modes for excellent image quality Optimized transmission, increasing light to sample by five times Application Expanded options, including Multi-line TIRF and quantitative photokinetics TruLight delivers exceptional...

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DeltaVision Elite Cell Imaging System - 4

DeltaVision imaging Illumination InsightSSI Solid State Illumination The InsightSSI illumination module incorporates novel light source technologies for excellent performance and operational lifetime. • Exceptionally stable and long lasting illumination • Electronic control with instant on/off operation • Microsecond switching between wavelengths UltimateFocus UltimateFocus automatically maintains the sample z-position regardless of mechanical or thermal changes that can impact your experiment. • Innovative, patent-pending design • Real-time compensation of stage drift • Focus control...

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DeltaVision Elite Cell Imaging System - 5

Laser module X4 Laser Module The X4 Laser Module combines up to four lasers that are active simultaneously for increased performance. The increased laser line selection allows the user flexibility when selecting fluorescent dyes and proteins. Photoactivable and photoconvertible fluorophores give the user the ability to manipulate the sample or it‘s environment in a non-invasive manner. The sub-diffraction limited spot size generated through the optional PK optics module enables photoactivation or conversion with pinpoint precision. • Six lasers to choose from for TIRF and PK applications...

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DeltaVision Elite Cell Imaging System - 6

DeltaVision innovation Stage and environment Flexure stage Microtiter stage Environmental control Our patented Flexure stages and NanoMotion III Precision Control motors ensure precise stage movement and stability. The microtiter stage is designed to accommodate 96- and 384-well microtiter plates. Precision environmental control is critical for long term imaging experiments. DeltaVision Elite can provide stringent heat and CO2 controls: • Tremendous accuracy and repeatability over the system‘s full range of motion • Excellent repeatability for multiple point sample during time-lapse...

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DeltaVision Elite Cell Imaging System - 7

System Features Deconvolution Cell tracking Deconvolution improves contrast and resolution compared to raw data images without sacrificing data integrity. The DeltaVision Elite system is designed to optimize data collection for our deconvolution algorithm yielding truly quantitative data. Cell tracking function automatically repositions the stage to accurately follow cells as they move during time-lapse experiments • Increases image resolution in x, y and z axes • Deconvolve images on-the-fly • Hardware and software designed to work together for the optimal data output BSC1 cells - Image...

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DeltaVision Elite Cell Imaging System - 8 GE and GE monogram are trademarks of General Electric Company. DeltaVision is a trademark of General Electric Company or one of its subsidiaries. DeltaVision Elite imaging systems are for research use only not for use in diagnostic procedures. ©2012–2014 General Electric Company—All rights reserved. First published Oct. 2012. All goods and services are sold subject to the terms and conditions of sale of the company within GE Healthcare which supplies them. A copy of these terms and conditions is available on request. Contact your local GE Healthcare...

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