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GE Healthcare Life Sciences DeltaVision OMX with the Blaze SIM Module

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DeltaVision OMX - 2

Super-resolution imaging with DeltaVision OMX™ with the Blaze SIM Module

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Excellent Visibility Unimaginable Clarity Incredible Speed Immense Possibilities See More. Understand More. Discover More.

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DeltaVision OMX - 4

DeltaVision OMX System overview The DeltaVision OMX imaging platform is an advanced multimode, super-resolution microscope system representing the next generation of microscopy evolution. DeltaVision OMX offers superresolution imaging using 3D structured illumination (3D-SIM) as well as super fast widefield acquisition. The innovative Blaze SIM Module offers dynamic high speed 3D-SIM, which has made LIVE cell super-resolution imaging a reality. Blaze incorporates a proprietary, ultra-fast, structured illumination module, advanced optical platform design and the latest high-speed camera...

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DeltaVision OMX - 5

What is super-resolution imaging? In recent years a variety of new approaches such as Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM), Localization Microscopy and Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) have been developed to surpass the limits of conventional optical microscopes. Collectively referred to as super-resolution microscopy, these methods allow precise visualization and measurement of features that are below the diffraction limit. 3D-SIM projects a structured light pattern onto the sample. The illumination pattern interacts with the fluorescent probes in the sample to generate...

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DeltaVision OMX - 6

Feature highlights Specially designed optical system Super-resolution imaging • Multiple laser options support a wide range of fluorescent dyes and proteins • True 3D structured illumination imaging enables resolution improvements in X, Y and Z • EM-CCD or sCMOS camera options available for sensitivity and speed optimization • 120 nm in XY and 340 nm in Z (resolution is wavelength and optics dependent) • Self-contained, HEPA-filtered enclosure eliminates the need for a dedicated darkroom High-speed widefield imaging mode • Simultaneously acquires up to four wavelengths - critical for...

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DeltaVision OMX - 7

3D-SIM with the DeltaVision OMX The structured light pattern creates interference moiré patterns with the fine structures of the sample which are captured in the resulting fluorescence images. The sample is imaged using several different orientations and phases of the light pattern. Proprietary computer algorithms process the data set and generate the final super-resolution image. Macrophage cell (RAW) with 100 nm glass beads (red dots) - Image courtesy of Cynthia Whitchurch and Lynne Turnbull, Microbial Imaging Facility, University of Technology, Sydney Multi-mode imaging capabilities •...

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DeltaVision OMX - 8

DeltaVision OMX system configuration Overview Lateral resolution 120 nm. Actual resolution is dependent on wavelength and optical configuration — values quoted for 488 nm excitation Axial resolution 340 nm. Actual resolution is dependent on wavelength and optical configuration — values quoted for 488 nm excitation Standard camera/filter setup 1 camera + filter wheel Lasers options Conventional illumination 6 color InsightSSI™ illuminator with 405, 445, 488, 514, 568, 642 nm excitation wavelengths Ring TIRF illumination Optional accessories DIC option, live cell heating kit Acquisition speed...

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