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Aestiva/5 MRI anesthesia machine Complete your MRI suite Features • Validated for use in MRI environments up to 300 Gauss, active shielded 1.5T and 3T magnets Physically integrated magnetic field strength monitor (Gauss Alarm) Features facilitate use in both the MRI suite and surgical OR Superior ventilation: 7900 SmartVent™ • Volume Mode, Pressure Control Mode, Pressure Support (PSVPro®), Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV), electronic PEEP Tidal volume compensation One motion from mechanical to manual mode Two key presses to total standby: end case Cardiac bypass case mode Innovative patient breathing system • Eight integrated machine hoses/cables “No tools” disassembly of components Responsive location of common gas outlet Improved low flow/reduced life cycle costs • Fresh gas flow compensation—automatically Smooth, fast acting fresh gas flow control Dual air flow tube for resolution of low flows Two scheduled maintenance checks per year

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Physical specifications Casters Dimensions Height: Single foot lever locks and unlocks two front casters Magnetic field strength monitor (Gauss Alarm) Front bezel indicators: Work surface Height: Width: Monitor is sampling and magnetic fringe field is < 275 Gauss Amber light 275 to 300 Gauss Monitor is sampling and magnetic fringe field is 275 to 300 Gauss Monitor is sampling and magnetic fringe field is > 300 Gauss light is blinking and audio alarm is sounding Green light < 275 Gauss Drawer (1 standard)* — locking (international dimensions) Height: Folding side shelf (optional) Height:...

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Ventilator operating specifications Inspiratory/ expiratory ratio: 2:1 to 1:8 (increments of 0.5) Inspiratory time: 0.2 to 5 seconds (increments of 0.1 seconds) (SIMV and PSVPro) Trigger window: 0 to 80% (increments of 5%) Flow trigger: 0.2 to 1 L/min (increments of 0.2 L/min) 1 to 10 L/min (increments of 0.5 L/min) Volume Control Backup mode delay: Ventilation operating modes Inspiration termination level: 10 to 30 seconds (increments of 5 seconds) Pressure Control Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV) (optional) Integrated,...

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Ventilator accuracy Ventilator components Delivery/monitoring accuracy Flow transducer Volume delivery: Variable orifice flow sensor Inspiratory outlet and expiratory inlet > 210 mL = better than 7% < 210 mL = better than 15 mL < 60 mL = better than 10 mL Optional autoclavable sensor available Pressure delivery: PEEP delivery: Volume monitoring: Pressure monitoring: Galvanic fuel cell > 210 mL = better than 9% < 210 mL = better than 18 mL < 60 mL = better than 10 mL Life cycle: usage) Approximately 18 months (dependent on Alarm settings Tidal volume (VTE): Ventilator screen Anesthetic agent...

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Electrical specifications Pneumatic specifications Current leakage Internal common gas outlet Power and battery back-up Power input: USA/Canada/Mexico: Euro: Italy/France/Belgium: Japan: UK: Backup power: Demonstrated battery backup time under typical operating conditions is 45 minutes when fully charged Pipeline input range: 240 kPa to 600 kPa/35 psig to 88 psig Pipeline connections: DISS-male, DISS-female, DIN 13252, AS4059, F90-116, or NIST (ISO 5359). All fittings available for O2, N2O and Air, and contain pipeline filter and check valve. Cylinder input: Battery type: Internal...

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Pneumatic specifications, continued Environmental specifications System operation Method: Supply failure alarm range: Proportionate decrease of N2O, CO2, He/O2 with reduction in O2 pressure 193 kPa to 221 kPa/28 psig to 32 psig Sounds at maximum volume every 10 seconds 15 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing) System storage Temperature: –25° to 65°C/–13° to 149°F O2 flush range: 35 to 50 L/min Flowmeters 10 to 100% relative humidity (including condensing) Minimum O2 flow: 50 mL/min ±25 mL Two tubes: 0 to 0.95 L/min and 1 to 10 L/min One tube option: 1 to 15 L/min Two tube option: 0 to...

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Breathing circuit specifications Operational modes Integrated Adjustable Pressure Limiting (APL) valve Breathing circuit modules: Interchangeable circle or bain (Mapleson D) Tactile knob indication at: Carbon dioxide absorbent canisters (2) Absorbent capacity: Canister release: Adjustment range of rotation: 1.35 kg/3 lb each Integrated sensing mechanism, CO2 bypass capability (optional) Anesthetic gas scavenging Type Hospital system required Machine connection Active low flow: US and others High vacuum 36 L/min (300 mmHg) @ 12 in Hg DISS evac Active low flow Japan without flow indicator:...

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© 2006 General Electric Company – All rights reserved. GE and GE Monogram are trademarks of General Electric Company. Aestiva, Tec, PSVPro and SmartVent are trademarks of Datex-Ohmeda, Inc. Datex-Ohmeda, Inc., a General Electric company, doing business as GE Healthcare. For more than 100 years, healthcare providers worldwide have relied on GE Healthcare for medical technology, services, and productivity solutions. So no matter what challenges your healthcare system faces, you can always count on GE to help you deliver the highest quality healthcare. For details, please contact your GE...

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