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Welcome to the future of anesthesia – Aisys* Carestation*

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The way you practice today may be different from the past. Diverse patient types and co-morbidities make your world challenging. Intubating difficult airways, monitoring and treating neonates, understanding drug effects — it’s all in a day’s work. Along with all those challenges, you’re managing patients through the critical pre- and postoperative periods while trying to balance the cost pressures and drive operating efficiencies.

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Designed for you. With total cost of ownership in mind, the Aisys Carestation is an anesthesia delivery management solution that is taking the clinical world by storm. Our most advanced Carestation, The Aisys Carestation performs like a vigilant partner, managing routine but critical perioperative tasks without tiring. This allows you to focus attention on your patient, use your time more efficiently and improve your workflow. With the Aisys Carestation, you’re planning for the future while protecting your investment. The Aisys Carestation’s track record as a modular and upgradeable...

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Designed with low cost of maintenance and workflow efficiency in mind Ventilation Management Ventilation to meet the needs of a variety of patient types, including those that require intensive ventilation, such as older, heavier, and even neonatal patients. GE brings premium digital flow valve technology similar to its critical care ventilator as standard to all of its current anesthesia ventilation solutions. Advanced Breathing System (ABS) At a small volume of 2.7 liters, the advanced breathing system of the Aisys Carestation helps drive rapid wash-in, wash-out times, and fast-response...

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Patient Monitoring Scalable, modular and flexible, GE’s broad portfolio of patient monitors was designed to provide the right decision support at the point of need and throughout the continuum of care. Advanced parameter technologies help you tailor anesthesia settings while optimized screen layouts enable fast decision-making whenever potential problems occur. Intelligent alarms offer preset limits for essential parameters and can be adapted to suit critical situations. Navigator Applications Suite* Navigator Applications Suite software is a smart technology that analyzes drug therapy...

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• Delivering tidal volumes as low as 5ml in PCV mode • Precision volume and pressure delivery to the patient wye, breath by breath, to help reduce the challenges in managing neonatal and pediatric patients • Pause Gas feature simplifies temporary circuit disconnects any time. One button stops all gas flows and suspends alarms, agent delivery, and ventilation, allowing time to focus on the patient Critical Delivery: GE lab tidal volume test results capture ability to deliver tidal volumes as low as 5ml to the patient in PCV mode1 • Circuit Compliance Compensation ensures that what you set is...

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Delivering tidal volumes as low as 5ml1 to the patient

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Lung oxygenation issues may occur during anesthesia and can persist postoperatively, potentially contributing to significant complications and adding additional, unnecessary costs3 to an already squeezed budget. Clinicians have relied on manual lung recruitment procedures in anesthesia to address patient complications such as atelectasis. There’s a lot of ability in the Aisys Carestation. Aisys with 8.x software features the ability to arm clinicians with tools they can use to automate lung procedures helping increase positive pressure in the airways for improved ventilation. The lung...

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1. Digital Delivery, Vaporization, and Data Gas and agent consumption measurements help you track usage and improve efficiency 2. Advanced Breathing System (ABS) The compact (2.7 l) breathing circuit ensures that the patient receives changes to fresh gas flow and anesthetic agent immediately. Anesthesia Drug Delivery Management 3. Navigator Applications Suite Navigator helps provide valuable predictive drug modeling and synergistic interaction information to support you in optimizing patient management based on your clinical judgment. Navigator provides quick access to a continuous flow of...

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©2011 General Electric Company – All rights reserved. GE and GE Monogram are trademarks of General Electric Company. GE benchmark studies from 2011: GE Healthcare PCV to Tidal Volume Data Collection Test Results. Actual results may vary and are dependent on the patient. DOC0933949/DOC0970424 Pulmonary compliance in healthy neonates is 20-25 times lower (<05 ml/ cm H2O) than in healthy adults (100-150 ml/cm H2O). In addition, a healthy neonate lung shares many characteristics with the lungs of an adult with diffuse pulmonary distress syndrome (low FRC and high close volume with tendency to...

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