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Clinician inspired perioperative solutions GE’s Avance® Carestation® was developed using an approach to perioperative solutions – close and continuous collaboration with clinicians. With you as our guide, we designed a compact, integrated anesthesia carestation that combines our advanced anesthesia delivery, anesthesia patient monitoring, and information management. By combining these care elements with our supplies and services, we deliver an essential component of your integrated perioperative solution. Advanced anesthesia ventilation You asked for sophisticated ventilation capabilities...

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Precise, accurate digital gas mixing Rapid response time and accuracy provides you with exceptional fresh gas control and efficiency. • Low flow anesthesia supported: minimum gas flow of 150 mL/min. • 500 millisecond mixer response time – even for significant flow changes – allowing you to deliver exactly what you want, exactly when you want it • Since the mixer delivers fresh gas directly to the inspiratory port on command, there is little fresh gas or agent wasted to “charge the circuit.” This facilitates low flow clinical practices – even when changing from very high flows to very low...

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Fast gas delivery with GE’s Advanced Breathing System (ABS)™ The Avance comes equipped with GE’s Advanced Breathing System, the ABS.™ • Fully integrated into the Carestation • Fewer parts and connections reduce the potential for leaks and misconnects • Our Multi Absorber canister facilitates fast, easy removal and replacement • Fully autoclavable. Quick, tool free removal • Choice of gas scavenging options helps to provide compatibility with your existing waste gas system • Easy on/off capability and no tools disassembly of the ABS facilitates easier cleaning and helps reduce maintenance time

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Enhancing your productivity Special features of the Avance Carestation make it easy to use and enable you to focus more attention on your patient. • System checkout is fast and intuitive, with full-color photo images to illustrate each step and confirmation tones when each test is complete. A real-time clock displays time to complete each test and the date and time it passed • Case configurations may be set up and stored in advance so set up between patients is quick and easy – helping to improve workflow • Pages allow the clinician to have several screens available for viewing patient data...

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Patient Spirometry™ measures airway pressures, flow, volumes, compliance and airway resistance breath by breath. On the Avance ventilation screen, the spirometry information is displayed as graphical loops, which may help you detect leaks or obstructions in the airway and adjust optimal ventilator settings. Because you can save up to six spirometry loops, Patient Spirometry offers you an intuitive tool for detecting changes in the patient’s ventilatory status. • Optional E-gas module can be physically integrated into Avance for Patient Spirometry • Airway gases CO2, O2 and N2O and...

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Patient monitoring made easy The GE Healthcare Anesthesia Monitor gives you the time and freedom to monitor your patient effectively. It offers what you need for effortless patient monitoring in the OR and beyond – a full range of monitoring parameters, intuitive use, modular configurability, transparent device integration, and data transfer. A comprehensive Anesthesia Monitor The GE Anesthesia Monitor incorporates vital parameters for anesthesia. In addition to the standard measurements, the modular system is expandable for more demanding operations with special needs. The flexible modular...

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• Hemodynamic measurements of ECG, NIBP, up to six invasive blood pressure channels, temperature, SpO2 and respiration rate • Add SvO2, cardiac output and alternative SpO2 technologies to obtain a thorough view of your patient’s hemodynamic status • 3, 5- and 12-lead ECG with multi-lead arrhythmia analysis • Adjustable ST alarms for lateral, inferior and anterior views of the heart • Sophisticated trending displays your patient’s ischemic status • A sensitive tool for monitoring the neurophysiological status of the perioperative patient • Compressed Spectral Array with Spectral Edge...

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Integrated solutions designed to enhance your care Our constant cooperation and interaction with clinicians allows us to continuously refine and improve our user interface capabilities and identify valuable integration benefits. We recognize that making our Carestations easy to use is one of the most important aspects we can provide to you and your practice. Innovative ergonomic benefits • Intuitive user interface shared with all components of the Carestation • Consistent menus, quick key actions and alarm management help minimize the need for training and reduce complexity during critical...

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Seamless information flow The Network integrates monitoring, anesthesia delivery and care process management across the care areas. Essential information is stored, including cardiac, hemodynamic, neurological and respiratory waveforms full disclosure for up to 72 hours. The information can be accessed remotely in real time, for example between the ORs and the PACU or other care areas, and can also be stored permanently for later use. Viewing of information can happen between any two networked monitors, or through the iCentral, Web Viewer or Pocket Viewer. • The iCentral, Web Viewer and...

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© 2010 General Electric Company – All Rights Reserved. General Electric Company reserves the right to make changes in specification and features shown herein, or discontinue the product described at any time without notice or obligation. Contact your GE representative for the most current information. GE and GE Monogram are trademarks of General Electric Company. Avance, Carestation, Centricity, SmartVent, PSVPro, ABS, Patient Spirometry and Entropy are trademarks of General Electric Company. Datex-Ohmeda, Inc., a General Electric company, doing business as GE Healthcare. About GE...

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