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Discovery MR750 - 1

Image is Everything Hold on to your hats - these clinical images demonstrate how the Discovery™ MR750 is re-shaping the definition of image quality. In the last issue of SignaPULSE we introduced to you the Discovery MR750 - the system that was designed to break traditional boundaries of 3.0T scanning. We provided white papers, system specs, and technical articles so you wouldn't have to take our word for it. And the response has been tremendous. However, as they say, "the proof is in the pudding" so, to demonstrate what your everyday imaging could be like, we've included a taste of the image quality. We'll let you see for yourself. ■ 3D MERGE acquisition with 60 slices 2 mm thick Small FOV, high resolution imaging of the wrist trabeculae and carpometacarpal scanned through the wrist. Excellent depiction of joints. 1 mm acquired slices thickness, 1024 x 1024 matrix. all tendons with 288 x 288 matrix and 12 cm FOV. Scan time 2:34 min. High-resolution imaging of the glenoid, articular cartilage, and rotator cuff structures.

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Discovery MR750 - 2

LAVA-Flex study in pelvis displaying 4 unique images acquired at each slice location. A total of 84 images scanned in a 19 s breath hold with a 320 x 256 imaging matrix. A TR of 4.8 ms allows acquisition of two echoes at 1.1 and 2.2 ms which correspond to the out and in phase images (at 3.0T). The water and fat only images are subsequently reconstructed from the acquired 1.1 and 2.2 ms TE images with perfect separation of the 1H in fat and water. The result is exquisite suppression of fat (or water) which enables excellent visualization of pathology.

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Discovery MR750 - 3

T2 weighted Fast Spin Echo PROPELLER 2.O in the coronal plane is very useful to visualize the temporal lobes and hippocampus. 3 mm slices imaged with a 22 cm FOV and 512 x 512 matrix results in a pixel size of 43O x 43O microns, 15 slices in Scan Time 2:45 min using 32 ch brain coil. iogimd HAIR i-fiCWLLLfi ^ * min . l D‘_ v. :S 530- JPJhhotrutv.-rlhm LlL 411 afawi &S iliCe n r) scan! nut of i l] rrvi •'lRfbil T hi:, image i:.\v-IS sl'Cft'j 5c.trnr:i w*IFi JCl lersar ;yi\"tcrj. ?WE-H ft- L 44 mil The -mining Tl itl-jglflthy rv£QC dipi^-L whrft irdltn ffcfn iSrknLtTuF- rlfl[AivveM£i?iprl...

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Discovery MR750 - 5

Multi-station spine scan with IDEAL exhibiting excellent fat exclusion along the entire length of the spine. 3D MERGE in the axial cervical spine. 60 slices covering 3 disc spaces in 2:50 min with a 288 x 256 matrix. Excellent depiction of the grey and white matter of the spinal cord.

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