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GE Adventure Series™ - 1

Imaging that puts children first

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GE Adventure Series™ - 2

Once upon a time . . . Pediatric imaging has long presented unique challenges for healthcare providers. Typically, as children enter the sterile, clinical environment of a traditional imaging room, they may become anxious or dissolve into tears. And, clinicians may need to perform additional scans or use sedation to get young patients to successfully complete a scan procedure. Anchors Aweigh! In the CT Pirate Island Adventure, the scanner is made to look like a pirate ship. Children are busied by looking around the room to find their favorite Adventure Series characters in an island setting.

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GE Adventure Series™ - 5

The search for a better way GE Healthcare recognized there had to be a better way to approach children’s imaging. Our global design team began to imagine a scan procedure with less anxiety and fear. Through collaboration with Child Life Specialists from leading children’s hospitals, the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum and award-winning design firms, we worked to develop a pediatric imaging solution that helps improve the patient’s, family’s, and hospital staff’s scan experience. It’s a jungle out there! In the Nuclear Medicine Jungle Adventure, patients can pretend the loading table is a...

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GE Adventure Series™ - 6

Deep sea diving! Explore the ocean floor in the CT Coral City Adventure. The scanner is made to look like a submarine, and your patients may be occupied pretending to explore a captivating coral reef. Imaging through a child’s eyes To create a child-friendly imaging experience, we decided to look at imaging through a child’s eyes. Crawling on our hands and knees, looking up at the world around us, we learned to see things from a child’s point of view and to create our solutions accordingly.

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GE Adventure Series™ - 7

We identified aspects of the scan that could cause anxiety or that are hard for a child to understand (the noise, the hospital smell or the need to be still). Then we thought of imaginative ways to make sense of these anxiety points. For example, the MR room’s space theme was specifically chosen to target the MR scanner’s noise. In this room, where the scanner is disguised as a spaceship, children don’t have to understand why the MR scanner makes noise because they can imagine a spaceship rumbling through spa

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GE Adventure Series™ - 8

Meet the crew In addition to developing the Adventure Series room themes, we created a set of friendly characters to accompany the child through the scan process. These characters, with personalities all their own, are playfully integrated into our room themes to ease the potential for anxiety of both patients and parents. Camping for kids! In the PET/CT Cozy Camp Adventure, the scanner is a tent and the loading table is a sleeping bag. Patients can pretend to sing around a campfire with the Adventure Series characters.

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GE Adventure Series™ - 10

More than a setting With themes in place, GE Healthcare had provided the setting for a great story to ease the patient through the scan procedure. But more was needed than the setting. Our development team then created the Explorer’s Handbook. This CD of support materials helps our customers to integrate the rooms into exciting adventures from patient check-in to discharge. The Explorer’s Handbook materials include: • ands-on coloring books that explain the procedure from a child’s perspective H • Field Guides to assist staff in weaving the adventure into the scan procedure • Adventure...

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GE Adventure Series™ - 11

Start your own adventure today There is a story ready to be written. It's the story of your facility taking steps to become a leader in child-friendly imaging. And GE Healthcare is here to help you get started. We'll show you how you may use Adventure Series themes to enhance the imaging experience for patients, families, and your hospital staff as well. What's more, Adventure Series themes may be used to differentiate your facility in the marketplace and help you stand out as the 'go-to' facility for pediatric scans. It could be a win-win for everyone, and it all started by looking at...

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GE Adventure Series™ - 14

©2011 General Electric Company – All rights reserved. GE and GE Monogram are trademarks of General Electric Company. Adventure Series, Tillie the Tiger, Marcellus the Monkey, Tara the Toucan and Haley the Hippo are trademarks of General Electric Company. All images reflect the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC pilot site only. Actual commercial offering of appliqués may vary due to size, shape and configuration of imaging rooms. Each room’s wall and floor treatments, lighting, audio equipment and accessories are determined by the facility. GE Healthcare, a division of General...

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