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Look differently. Invenia ABUS ™  Automated Breast Ultrasoun

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The unseen risk. Too many tumors are missed. Having dense breasts increases a women‘s likelihood to develop cancer four to six times. 1 This is a significant problem. Over 40% of women have dense breast tissue, ² which can mask the appearance of tumors and limit the performance of mammography. Mammography may miss over 1/3 of cancers in dense breasts. ³ When it is warranted to look beyond mammography, there now is a screening technology that can effectively detect cancer to help deliver confidence and peace of mind. For a woman with dense breasts, screening with mammography may not be

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Enhanced Detection. Invenia ABUS contribute to find more cancers.4 Enhanced Diagnosis. Global View for planning. Screening with ABUS has a 55% relative increase in invasive breast cancers identified in dense breast tissue using supplemental ABUS and a 37% relative increase in cancer detection overall than mammography alone. ⁴ 93% were INVASIVE Breast Cancer 93% were NODE NEGATIVE DCIS Invasive Node Positive Node Negative Multiple clinical research studies demonstrate that physicians can detect more cancers at an earlier, more treatable stage. 4 Clinical studies confirmed the accurate,...

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Designed for automated screening. Remarkable Architecture. Advanced imaging algorithms. Powerful Imaging Architecture User-friendly touchscreen Invenia ABUS’s imaging architecture shifts traditional ultrasound from hardware- to software-based processing, resulting in exceptional performance for the fast paced breast imaging environment. With its massive parallel processing power and proprietary beamforming technology, the system creates focus at every pixel, delivering an image of high uniformity and resolution Operator workflow is smooth and easy with the Invenia ABUS high-resolution...

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Shaped for a woman‘s anatomy. The Reverse CurveTM transducer Contribute to enhance both patient comfort and breast coverage during the exam. The 15 cm wide field-of-view high-frequency transducer automatically creates uniform compression across the entire breast for consistent, reproducible image quality independent of the operator. The convergent scan line geometry allow to minimize beam refraction.   Enhanced anatomical detail   Deep penetration A fast, efficent workflow. Invenia ABUS Workstation The Invenia ABUS Workstation displays 3D volumes in a patented, 2 mm thick coronal slice from...

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Support beyond technology. Customizable marketing tools Targeted marketing tools feature clinically researched and professionally designed content to help you promote Invenia ABUS screening to referring physicians, their patients, and women. Comprehensive education and training The Invenia ABUS Mastery Program for physicians and technicians uses progressive teaching techniques led by our experienced team of peer educators and clinical applications specialists. GE Healthcare GmbH Beethovenstr. 239 42655 Solingen, Germany T +49 212-28 02-0 F +49 212-28 02-28 UNITED...

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