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Lullaby* Resus Plus T-piece resuscitation that is easy, designed for safety and economical to use *Lullaby is a trademark of the General Electric company

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In spite of welcome advances in neonatal care over the last decade, birth asphyxia remains a leading cause of infant deaths worldwide. There simply hasn’t been widespread access to a resuscitation solution offering clinical performance, ease of use and affordability. But now there’s a solution that delivers all three: The Lullaby* Resus Plus from GE Healthcare, a world leader in neonatal and developmental care. The clinical performance you demand Gas-powered and fully compatible with our high-performance Lullaby Warmers, the Lullaby Resus Plus equips caregivers like you with a solution to...

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The user friendliness you expect It won’t surprise you to learn that, as a member of the Lullaby family, the Lullaby Resus Plus is exceptionally easy to use. • nables fast and easy workflow through an integrated ergonomic E design with a built-in blender and flow meter • ingle knob control for maximum and desired PIP enabling you to S focus on your patient rather than the equipment • N/OFF switch to use the device only when required and ensure O that no gas is used when the device is switched off • con based easy to understand user interface backed by an easy to I follow Quick Reference...

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Technical Specifications Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature Operating Humidity Storage Temperature Storage Humidity Storage Pressure Accessories and Optional Purchases 18 to 41°C 0 to 90% Non-condensing relative RH -25 to 60°C 0 to 95% Non-condensing relative RH 50 to 106 kPa Physical Characteristics Depth (knobs to fittings) Height Width Weight <145 mm <313 mm – including handle <222 mm Approx. 5 Kg System Input Requirements Input Source Input Pressure (Air/O2 fittings) Minimum Input Hospital pipeline or cylinder with regulator 40-80 psi (275-550 kPa) 70 LPM System...

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