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Lunar iDXA* systems. A clear choice in densitometers.

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See more. Know more. Research-grade analysis helps you manage patients with condence. In your search for answers to a patient’s health concerns, information is everything. And with Lunar iDXA*, GE Healthcare offers our most advanced system to provide the data and images you need. Whether you’re assessing bone density, fracture risk, metabolic health, or pediatric development, Lunar iDXA gives you a clear view inside the body. Lunar iDXA offers research-grade image resolution and exacting precision, designed to provide you a high degree of clinical condence across all body types. Consider...

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Exceptional capabilities. Details make the difference in your practice—and that’s where Lunar iDXA excels. It puts exceptional capability within reach with outstanding image resolution and precision, accommodation of obese patients, and a long list of approved applications. Lead the way with the DXA imaging system that helps you to protect the vitality of your patients and your practice. Enhanced ability to detect unusually high density for exceptional measurement accuracy Enhanced edge detection for outstanding accuracy and reproducibility of bone mineral density (BMD) results

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Clarity High-resolution images bring anatomy into focus. One in four women over the age of 50 will suffer a vertebral fracture in her remaining lifetime, with severe impact on quality of life.1 Assessment is made easy with Lunar iDXA system’s extra-crisp images. Lunar iDXA offers the latest generation of DXA technology from GE Healthcare. It’s vertebral assessment is comparable to radiographs in identifying and classifying deformities concerning etiology, grade, and shape,2 while using a lower dose of radiation. Lunar iDXA helps you detect a variety of asymptomatic compression fractures....

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Precise measurement helps you detect small changes nearly twice as fast. Osteoporosis treatment and other clinical interventions require time to monitor. Lunar iDXA helps with exceptional precision, due to its direct-to-digital detector plus staggered array and narrow-angle fan beam technology with Multi-View Image Reconstruction (MVIR). This corrects magnication error that is observed with competitive wide-angle fan beam systems.3 What’s all this precision worth to you? It enables you to detect small and signicant changes sooner, which can help motivate patient compliance, guide treatment...

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Breadth of applications and features for a wide range of patients. A large scan window plus high weight limit and arm height on the Lunar iDXA comfortably accommodate many patient sizes and conditions. A long list of applications for Lunar iDXA—from visceral fat measurement and pediatric assessment to small animal scanning—helps explain why it’s chosen by leading hospitals, clinics, and physicians around the world. Color Fat Mapping with adjustable thresholds to visualize fat distribution and aid metabolic health assessment. Orthopedic applications help you to assess peri-prosthetic BMD...

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Vitality for your patients means vitality for your practice. Your patients depend on you to identify and help manage their bone and metabolic health. In fact, your early intervention can make a lasting difference to their future. Lunar iDXA is designed to increase your ability to serve your patients with greater understanding of their conditions. Its data and images give you foundational information on bone density, body composition, and pediatric development. It’s a clear, reliable resource for your DXA needs, today and tomorrow. Contact your GE Healthcare representative for more...

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International Osteoporosis Foundation. The Breaking Spine. 2010:4. Armbrecht G, Felsenberg D. Diagnostic of vertebral deformities: Comparison of VFA (GE iDXA) to conventional radiographs. ASBMR 2009. IDXA precision (Total Femur BMD). Ergun DL, Wacker WK, Zhou QQ, et al. Performance of the Lunar iDXA. Presented at the 17th International Bone Densitometry Workshop, Kyoto, Japan, November 2006. Hologic Delphi precision (Total Left Hip BMD). Shepherd JA, Fan B, Lu Y, et al. Comparison of BMD precision for Prodigy and Delphi spine and femur scans. Osteoporos Int. 2006;17:1303-1308. Lunar Product...

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