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PETtrace™ 800 cyclotron series Data sheet Overview The GE Healthcare PETtrace 800 cyclotron series is a compact, automated, dual-particle cyclotron system designed for fast, easy and efficient production of PET tracers. It offers the efficiency required to facilitate your clinical schedules, flexibility for research protocols and the performance necessary to meet regional distribution demands. The PETtrace 800 is built around a compact negative ion cyclotron with a vertical mid-plane of proven design, featuring both protons and deuterons allowing maximum flexibility and low-cost isotope production. You can configure the system with various targets and process systems to produce commonly used PET radioisotopes. The PET isotopes that can be produced by PETtrace 800 include oxygen-15, nitrogen-13, carbon-11, fluorine-18 as well as a number of solid target isotopes. The isotopes are automatically transferred to the chemistry processing systems for efficient conversion into finished PET tracers and precursors. Primary benefits Reliability and production capacity The most significant characteristic of the PETtrace 800 series is the high demonstrated reliability. This, together with high production capacity, has made it one of the most preferred cyclotrons in the world. User-friendly The entire sequence of producing the PET isotope and tracer is fully automated. The operator will only select the isotope and the amount of activity needed. The control system automatically prepares the cyclotron and the targets, tunes the beam and manages the target irradiation. Lower dose to personnel The innovative vertical cyclotron mid-plane design and quick-release components have made it possible to reduce the radiation dose to the maintenance personnel. PETtrace 800 cyclotron Flexibility The PETtrace 800 can be configured in a number of different ways to meet your needs. You can select different options including protons, deuterons, radiation shield, Beam Line, numerous target systems, including solid target, and chemistry modules. Upgradeability and performance enhancement At GE Healthcare we are committed to forming long lasting relationships with our customers. A continuous upgrade path is available to keep your PETtrace 800 cyclotron up-to-date. With this solution, you will always be able to adapt to your changing facility needs, increase your production capacity, and update your cyclotron with the latest technology – making the PETtrace 800 an investment for the future. Contact your local GE representative to learn more about our product upgrades and TYLER, GE’s 10-year-life extension-andrefurbishment program for cyclotro

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Configuration The different PETtrace 800 versions are based on the customer’s demand for proton beam current. Four proton beam options are available: • S9120ND, PETtrace 840, 60 µA • S9120NE, PETtrace 860, 100 µA • S9120NF, PETtrace 880, 130 µA • S9120NG, PETtrace 890, 160 µA For the PETtrace 800 series, a 60 µA deuteron option is available. A number of different target and other options can be added to each system. For more details, see “Product options”. System components Magnet The design of the PETtrace 800 cyclotron magnet offers simple and robust ope ation. The coils are made of...

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Additional workstations are optional. The system ensures robust system control and data recording during routine operation. • electronics, power supply systems and support equipment required for cyclotron operation P5220JD, PETtrace 800 proton option Proton acceleration capability. Providing a proton beam with an energy of 16.5 MeV on target. Tracer production yields and specifications See separate data sheets for: • Radiation shield options • Target and process system options • Beam Line option P5220JB, PETtrace 800 deuteron option Deuteron acceleration capability. Providing a deuteron...

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Control electronics CAB 3 Width Cooling water system Width System requirements Cyclotron cooling system Flow Inlet temperature to secondary cooling system Example of facility layout Total power consumption Operation mode (max) Standby mode © 2018 General Electric Company – All rights reserved. G E Healthcare reserves the right to make changes in specifications and features shown herein, or discontinue the product described at any time without notice or obligation. Contact your GE Healthcare representative for the most current information. GE and the GE Monogram, and PETtrace are trademarks...

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