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Seno Iris in Diagnose mode features softcopy reading with customizable protocols and CAD display. Seno Iris, Diagnose mode, is suited for reading direct Digital Mammography (MG), Computed Radiography (CR), and Breast Tomosynthesis (BTO and CTO) images from multiple major manufacturers, as well as for viewing digitized screen film images. The Seno Iris, Diagnose mode, also displays other breast imaging modalities, such as Ultrasound and MRI for a comprehensive diagnostic review. Image Viewing Features Image Presentation & Processing • Auto-scale: Fits the largest breast into display viewport and scales all other images correspondingly • Auto-align: Paired symmetric image alignment of mis-positioned breasts during acquisition • Auto-update: Newly arriving data (e.g. additional views, CAD) is displayed immediately • Automatic pre-fetching of prior exams with a visual indication of the pre-fetching status • Image Folder: A thumbnail gallery gives an overview of all images available for a patient • Hanging Protocols: fully customizable sequence of layouts • Fast stepping to next protocol layout • Linked Pairs: All images can be zoomed simultaneously and panned with auto-alignment • Zoom options: - Auto-scale - Free continuous zoom - Quadrant zoom - Zoom navigator - Magnifying glass • Cross-link: Displays plane of point selected in corresponding image view • Invert images • Change orientation (rotate, flip) • Cineloop control for mouse wheel • Media viewer to view 2D and 3D images • Contrast (WW) and brightness (WL) - Automatic vendor-specific WW/WL settings - Interactive adjustments per image, or per study, or on all images • Printing improvements - Print screen - Multiple printers configuration • Annotations using shapes and text stored as DICOM** • Presentation State • Distance, area and angle measurement • Enhanced search functions • Customizable display of information from the image's DICOM header • Ability to organize specific exams in Case Collections. • These cases are protected from being purged from the local disk. • Individual per user settings and preferences - Patient browser arrangement - Hanging protocols - Search criteria - Printer settings - Cineloop speed - Tool bar position - Font and icon sizes • eContrast: image processing algorithm that enhances the global contrast of a mammo image. It can be applied only to GE acquired images and requires RAW data. Multiple strengths available to satisfy user preference.

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SenoBright* (Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography) Review • Dedicated hanging protocol: step-by-step side-by-side comprehensive display of SenoBright dataset • Cross-Fading: automatic gradual transition between SenoBright views helping radiologists correlate the contrast uptake of a given area in the recombined view to the corresponding one in the low energy view • Toggle: button allowing the switch between SenoBright views in a given viewport. Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Review • Straight forward visual identification of all series of tomosynthesis planes and slabs • Dedicated tools to...

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• Ability to drag and drop images to other Windows® applications. IHE Integration Profiles - Actors Implemented • • Mammography Image - Image Display - Print Composer • Scheduled Workflow (SWF) - Image Display - Evidence Creator • • Consistent Presentation of Images (CPI) - Image Display - Evidence Creator - Print Composer • Access to Radiology Information (ARI) - Image Display - Report Reader • Evidence Documents - Image Display - Evidence Creator • Simple Image and Numeric Report (SINR) - Report Reader - Report Creator (for desktop PC only) • Portable Data for Imaging - Portable Media...

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Barco** CORONIS Uniti 12MP (MDCG-12133) Blue Base Grayscale LCD • Active screen diagonal: 853.44 mm (33.6") • Native resolution: 12MP (4200 x 2800) resolution • Viewing angle: 178° • Contrast ratio 1200:1 • DICOM calibrated luminance (native white): 1000 cd/ m2 • Front sensor adjustments (I-Guard) • Weight: 33 kg (72.8 lbs) • Display Dimensions (w x h x d) : 795 x 610 x 300mm • Power requirements: AC 100 - 240V • Operational temperature range: 0 to 35°C (32 to 95°F) • Digital Video Input: DVI Dual Link / DisplayPort • USB-hub with 1 upstream and 3 downstream ports Eizo** GX540 LCD monitors...

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GE Healthcare, Latin America Sao Paulo, Brazil + 55 800 122 345 GE Healthcare, Asia Pacific Tokyo, Japan + 81 42 585 5111 GE Healthcare, ASEAN Singapore +65 6291 8528 GE Healthcare, China Beijing, China + 86 800 810 8188 GE Healthcare, India Bangalore, India +91 800 209 9003 Data subject to change. Marketing Communications GE Medical Systems Societe en Commandite Simple au capital de 85.418.040 Euros 283, rue de la Miniere, 78533 Buc Cedex France RCS Versailles B 315 013 359 A General Electric company, doing business as GE Healthcare GE and GE Monogram are trademarks of General Electric...

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