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ConsiGma™ Coater Revolutionary, high performance tablet coating technology

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ConsiGma™ Coater An Enabling Technology Another leap forward for continuous manufacturing GEA has been pioneering continuous manufacturing (CM) Introducing a paradigm shift in tablet coating, this new solutions for several years and helping customers to develop, type of coater entrains tablets in a cascading movement that evaluate and optimize continuous processing techniques to enables greater fluid application rates (higher coating build- enable them to bring new products to market faster and cheaper. rates) than traditional coating pans. The functionality of enteric coatings, for...

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Features and Benefits Cascade dynamics and spray/substrate interaction offer improved coating uniformity Incorporating a small, simple and modular design, a batch of tablets from as little as 1.5 kg is, under the influence of radial air knives, induced using a centrifugal process to form a stable, gravity free cascade inside a perforated wheel rotating at high speed. Increased drying efficiency is achieved by spraying the coating suspension into a cascading cloud of tablets. As such, the process is much faster, offering a target weight gain of 3% (15% solids content) in less than 10 minutes...

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Compact, Precise and Flexible Faster processing times enable highly accurate coating PAT-compatible, the ConsiGma™ coater is easy to clean and offers significant cost savings compared with conventional systems in terms of time, materials, downtime, process revalidation, stability testing, etc. With a smaller technical space requirement than established technologies, less cleaning and a reduced plant area is needed. And, being a continuous production technology, no scaleup is required and the maximum batch size is almost infinite. The pharmaceutical industry is looking at continuous...

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