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Tablet Compression Innovation brings challenges, but it’s a challenge we welcome

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Operational excellence For more than a hundred years, our innovation, driven by our passion for excellence, has pioneered tablet compression technology. Allowing pharmaceutical and industrial Our technology is world renowned for its companies to prosper, produce extraordinary reliability, flexibility and economy. We offer products and change people’s lives. truly rapid changeover solutions, increased productivity, flexibility and safety. But it’s much The innovations described in this more than that; it’s about how we work with brochure include a unique technology that you, the customer. We...

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Innovative Technology Our Beating Heart We’re constantly looking to overcome hurdles with new technology and present new, unique solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, innovation is at the heart of all our products; it’s what makes them different. The quest for continuous innovation is the force that drives us every day, and flexibility, performance, accuracy and control are the criteria that focus our thinking. Everything we do is aimed at improving these key factors to help you to make better products and improve productivity. We’re leaders, not followers. We go our own way....

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Higher Weight Sensitivity, Extended Dwell Time Air Compensator the unique driving force behind GEA tablet presses The Air Compensator has a prosaic name; however, it’s any- • the displacement of the compression roller results in longer thing but ordinary. At the very core of GEA innovation, it’s what dwell times (up to 300%), better de-aeration, less hardness makes our tablet presses different, and better. It makes them and capping issues and much higher outputs; on some special and it’s why pharmaceutical companies all over the world press models, the main compression dwell time can be set...

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No other presses in the world have this technology. The Air Compensator improves product output, overcomes compression issues and facilitates the pressing of small tablets. It makes the impossible possible. The superior process control improves tablet quality by continuously controlling both tablet weight and tablet hardness — optimizing dissolution and bioavailability — as opposed to only weight in a conventional system. Offering weight control at precompression, extended dwell times for complex formulations, higher yields, cost savings and faster setup, the Air Compensator enables you to...

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Enhanced dual process control, superior tablet quality When tablet weight is monitored at pre-compression, the main Existing Tablet Weight Control Loops compression station is available for a second permanent control Force controlled system: Unlike to the standard control systems loop, which is totally independent from the weight control loop. on most tablet presses, the GEA one does not measure the This second loop eliminates tablet hardness fluctuations and compaction force during main compression for tablet weight automatically compensates for machine warm-up effects. control; the...

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It is not possible to re-calibrate the primary tablet weight control loop without affecting tablet thickness or hardness. Displacement controlled system: To address any issues regarding accuracy and repeatability, GEA adopted a different tablet weight control principle for rotary presses, based on • measurement of “thickness variations under fixed compression force” instead of “force variations under fixed thickness” • measurement during pre-compression instead of main compression. The most important characteristic of this principle is the linear relationship between what is measured...

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Independent Weight and Hardness Control Enhanced dual process control, superior tablet quality The GEA Additional Hardness Control Loop The hardness control loop is re-calibrated after manual or As the GEA weight control loop measures thickness variations automatic sampling and analysis, by changing the set point of (displacement) at the pre-compression station, the main the main compaction force. The change in force set point is compression station is left unused. As such, the main compression calculated on the basis of the difference between the real average height is set to the correct...

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Benefits of Dual Control • Individual control of tablet weight and hardness • High sensitivity weight control even for small tablets and those requiring low compression forces • Maintain the same dwell time regardless of the linear speed of the machine • Improved tablet quality • Improved productivity • Better tablet consistency • Reduced capping and sticking • High-speed operation • Dual reject feature. Applying the latest technologies and getting the most out of them to make our machines even better gives me a great sense of achievement. It makes me proud to be able to deliver top quality...

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The PERFORMA™ Range of Tablet Presses Original, Effective and Economical – PERFORMA™ Lite The essence of robust and reliable performance The GEA PERFORMA™ Lite is a robust, high performance, fully automatic tablet press that is ideally suited to heavy duty, high-yield applications. The PERFORMA™ Lite is the original GEA press, the technology behind the entire pharmaceutical range. It is flexible, reliable, fully accessible and offers outstanding, cost-effective productivity. The PERFORMA™ Lite includes many standard features and, as with all GEA tablet presses, it also benefits from the...

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The PERFORMA™ Range of Tablet Presses Exchangeable Turret A key feature is the exchangeable turret, which allows maximum • Fast product changeover flexibility and enables product changeover in just 30 minutes • Accurate tablet weight control at pre-compression using a semi-automatic exchange sequence. This minimizes • Extended dwell times and high throughput downtime, maximizes productivity and allows easy access to the compression area for cleaning and maintenance. Service Station Data Collection Customer service is much more than providing spare parts, it’s The MULTI-CONTROL 5 is the...

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