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Catalog 2015 - 2

Based on the quality system DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and 13485:2007 our company and the responsible management guarantee: constant quality, reliability and safety of our products. Manufacturing of our products correspondens to current CE-guidelines. All products marked with a CE-sign are being produced according to valid European directions, which results in greater safety for the patient. An internationally approved HIBC Barcode allows a prompt identification of our products. Computerized backtracing back to the raw ingredients is used during production.. Sales / Products information national...

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Catalog 2015 - 3

Dear customer, Gebdi is an innovative company, and it is very important for us to manufacture using the latest technology.Thus service, technical competence and the ease of handling in the domestic as well as the international markets are our stated aims. Also we are proud of new high-class brands which becomes clearly evident in the present catalogue. With the TRIBOS 501 Acrylic teeth (NAT/NFR/NFP) we have innovations in the area of the Totally and Partial Prosthesis. These teeth correspond in form and functionality and are very close to nature. With the knowledge about the connections...

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Catalog 2015 - 4

Modelling Waxes MODELLING WAXES Gebdi waxes are manufactured using only the finest raw materials and our waxes guarantee a consistant excellent quality. Our range contains now 7 different wax qualities, available in different hardnesses and various colours. Find the large range offered as summer-, medium- and wintertype whereas summer means the harder and winter the softer version. New in our program are the two Modelling waxes from our TRIBOS-Wax family! Super Pink - precise exact reproduction - easily moulded - shape-stable - point of solidification 57°C - extremly stable in form and...

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Catalog 2015 - 5

Modelling Waxes - medium hardness - our best seller - solidification point: medium 55°C, summer 56°C, winter 54°C - medium hardness, very malleable - high bees wax content - solidification point: medium 55°C, summer 56°C, winter 54°C Spezial medium Spezial summer Spezial winter Spezial medium Spezial summer Spezial winter Standard medium Standard summer Standard winter Standard medium Standard summer Standard winter Spezial medium Spezial summer Spezial winter Spezial medium Spezial summer Spezial winter Standard medium Standard summer Standard winter Standard medium Standard summer...

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Catalog 2015 - 6

Modelling Waxes Tribos Modelling Wax M gingiva Tribos Modelling Wax H gingiva Medium wax sheet for the total prosthesis. - natural appearance, by opaque gingiva pigmentation - slightly elastic quality - no break danger with undercut - exact fitting - good stability with the fitting Extra hard wax sheet for the total prosthesis. - opaque gingiva pigmentation - natural appearance - inspite of hardness - tough elastic quality - extrem stability with the fitting of the setup Content: 1000g Tribos Tunnelwax, nature Very soft smooth wax for the positioning of the Tribos 501 secondary morphology...

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Catalog 2015 - 7

Tribos Modelling Wax gingiva opaque Hard modelling wax in block form for the prosthesis. - to fix denture teeth - to the anatomical creation of the gingiva parts - detailed representation of anatomical structures by high hardness - opaque pigmentation looks even more natural - saving of time - reduced finishing work High solidification point: 80°C Content: 100g 78300 Tribos Modelling wax Block

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Catalog 2015 - 8

“ The sophisticated Relief of our teeth is related to the „tribosphenic“ molar. This is a result of an old history dated millions of years ago. The Tribos 501, perfect portrayal where shape, function and aesthetics are taken from nature, taking into consideration all the scientific teeth elements. This assumption is essential and indispensable for a natural occlusion and correct function of the entire masticatory system. „ ” Citation Ottmar Kullmer, research institut Senkenberg Frankfurt Taung-Child : Reproduction of a 2 Million year old discovery The Tribos 501 teeth morphology is derived...

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Catalog 2015 - 9

Duplicating- and production technique Flask with 2 Channel cutter Finishing of total prosthesis with casting procedure for silicon- and gel duplicating. - as well as duplicating flask usable - for silicon or gel duplicating - fast and easy handling, closed by split - positioned for steered cooling Content: 10005 Flask with 2 channel cutter 10003 Flask separate 10004 Channel cutter, 2 pc. Duplicating gel, green Used for gypsum, gypsum- and phosphat bonded investment, and self curing acrylic ( cold ) denture material. - environmentally friendly - based on high quality natural agar -...

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Catalog 2015 - 10

Prosthesis Acrylic ROG = rosa opaque veined RTG = pink transparent veined Prothepress Casting acrylic cold cure polymer Prothedur Acrylic for Repairs - for the production of total- and partial prosthesis in the casting procedure - for the relining of prosthesis - short polymerisation time - for plaster, silicon and gel - time saving through excellent polishing caracteristics - extremely smooth surfaces therefore microbiological safety - less plaque - high elasticity and breaking resistance - for the repair of prosthesis - for the prosthesis enlargement - for the relining of prosthesis...

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Catalog 2015 - 11

Special Waxes Boxing Wax, red For individual impression trays without former. - no waiting period - direct pouring with the touched gypsum - production of gear rims in the upper and lower jaw - individual production of split-cast-bases Content: Periphery Wax, red - serves the functional edge limitation in the model production with individual spoons - to the gypsum limitation with manufactured spoon, thereby an easier removing of the spoon and a good protection of the model Content: 360g - strong adhesive power - easy removed by breaking or melting with boiling water - features clear...

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Catalog 2015 - 12

Bite Waxes BITE WAXES and BITE RIMS Gebdi Bite waxes remain viscous when warmed and stay reliable in form and shape when cooled off. These properties ensure precise checkbites. To match with various situations, all Gebdi Bite waxes are in 5 different hardnesses available: New: pink = X-hard and dentin = XX-hard Bit waxes also flavoured Any bite registration means a foreign object inside the patient‘s mouth. Scientific studies underline the importance of a relaxed situation for the patient to enable natural and true checkbites. To meet these requirements, Gebdi offers bite waxes with an...

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