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GenePro LAMP Test - 1

Droplet Digital PCR-based IVD-CDx, IVD for NSCLC, CRC, PTC, EC, and BC Gencurix is a leading provider of breakthrough molecular diagnostic technologies with dedication to improve patient outcomes through endless innovations and commitments. Droplex Series provide various kinds of mutation test for cancer patients & researchers. Droplex EGFR Mutation Test v2 Characteristics • 107 mutations in EGFR gene • 6 well reactions per sample • 16 tests/kit IVD-CDx for Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) MMX1 Internal Control Droplex KRAS Mutation Test Characteristics • 28 mutations in KRAS gene • 4 well reactions per sample • 24 tests/kit IVD-CDx for Colorectal cancer (CRC) MMX1 Codon 12/13 Droplex BRAF Mutation Test Characteristics • 5 mutations in BRAF gene • 2 well reactions per sample • 24 tests/kit IVD for Papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) MMX1 V600E Internal Control

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GenePro LAMP Test - 2

Droplex POLE Mutation Test Characteristics • 6 mutations in POLE gene • 3 well reactions per sample • 32 tests/kit Internal Control Droplex PIK3CA Mutation Test Characteristics • 11 mutations in PIK3CA gene • 4 well reactions per sample • 22 tests/kit Upcoming : ESR1 mutation for BC / cMET Exon14 Skipping mutation for NSCLC Highlights Droplet Digital PCR Platform High Sensitivity Quantitative Result Advanced performance with minimum DNA input Quantitative information of each target mutation Auto Analysis Software Monitor with blood sample Validated indicator of DNA quality Easy & convenient...

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