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CENSTAR TECHNOLOGIES CRYOGENIC SERIES ulators, Pressure Gauges, Shut-off Valves, Safety Valves Technology for a Better Future

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GENTEC ® CRYOGENIC SERIES Cryogenic Shut-off Valves Cryogenic Safety Valves Cryogenic Gauges Cryogenic Regulators

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LC856 SERIES HEAVY DUTY GAS LINE REGULATOR is designed for final line pressure regulation and suitable for high flow gas distribution systems. Specially designed configurations ensure high flow at low pressure setting without condensation. FEATURES • Single-stage construction • Bonnet and body are made of forged stainless steel • Operating temperature: -320 ~ 140ºF (-196 ~ 60ºC) • Integrated diaphragm configuration ensures no-leak seal • Internal filter • Conform to CGA G-4.1 standard for cleaning components • oxygen compatible MATERIALS • Bonnet: SUS 304 • Body: SUS 304 • Seat: PTFE •...

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853LCR SERIES SINGLE STAGE LIQUID CYLINDER REGULATORS 853LCR Series Liquid Cylinder Regulator are specially designed for gaseous withdrawal from liquid cylinders of Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen. Not for use on high pressure cylinders. FEATURES • Vapor side application on liquid cylinders or vessels • 0-125 psi delivery pressure • 500 psi maximum inlet pressure • Large 2-3/4” stainless steel diaphragm • High pressure side 500 psi external pressure relief valve • Forged brass body and housing cap • Delrin-bushing housing cap for smooth pressure adjustment • Stem-type seat assembly for...

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is available in three functions: pressure build, economizer, and combination pressure build/economizer. • Pressure build regulator and combination • Bonnet: Brass regulator are used to maintain pressure within • Body: Brass cryogenic container • Seat: PTFE • Interchangeable with most cryogenic regulators, • Pressure Adjusting Spring: Stainless Steel • Compact design allows easy installation in confined • Diaphragm: PTFE area • Conforms to CGA G-4.1 for cleaning components, • oxygen compatible FLOW CHART Cryogenic Build Regulator Model Number Inlet / Outlet Connection Cryogenic Economizers...

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V902 SERIES CRYOGENIC SHUT-OFF VALVE is used on the cryogenic liquid cylinders or cryogenic piping systems as inline shut- off valve FEATURES • Compact, easy to install in confined space • Robust exterior designed to prenvent humidity and condensation • Conical swivel seal design to protects the seat from galling due to over-torguing • Maximum operating pressure: 600 psi (4.14 MPa) • Operating temperature: -321 ~ 165ºF (-196 ~ 74ºC) • Conforms to CGA G-4.1 standard for cleaning components • oxygen compatible MATERIALS • Bonnet: Brass • Body: Brass • Inlet Tube: Stainless Steel • Outer Seal:...

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CRYOGENIC RELIEF VALVE, designed for cryogenic gases, can be used in pipeline systems, cryogenic cylinders, or small cryogenic tanks. When the pressure in the system surpasses the preset pressure in the relief valve, the valve will automatically relieve the pressure from system. FEATURES • Safety valve will open when system pressure reaches the preset level and reseat when the system pressure falls below the preset level (95%) • Operating temperature: -321 ~ 165ºF (-196 ~ 74ºC) • Available set pressure: 22 ~ 500 psi (0.15 ~ 3.45 MPa) • Self reseating • Conform to CGA G-4.1 standard for...

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Genstar Technologies Company, Inc. 4525 Edison Avenue, Chino, CA 91710, USA Tel: 909-606-2726 Fax: 909-606-6485

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