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DIGITAL SUCTION REGULATOR Gentec is proud to announce the release of the all-new Digital Suction Regulator. While preserving the look-andfeel and usability of our original 2 ½” gauge analog version, we provide the added convenience of an easy-to-read digital display (including a digital sweeping needle.) Truly the best of both worlds! Agion®* Antimicrobial Product Protection The built-in long-lasting product protection prevents growth of microbes on the surface of the knobs. The antimicrobial product protection is based on non-volatile, naturally occurring silver. Lightweight with durable ABS plastic casing Intermittent timing cycles: Suction traps and a variety of On/off cycle settings can be fittings & adapters are available adjusted without opening the Color-coding available Impact-resistant internal Agion’s silver antimicrobial has been certified for its material content, recyclability, and manufacturing characteristics. Cradle To Cradle CertifiedCM products meet established standards for human health, environmental health and recyclability. Cradle To Cradle CertifiedCM is a certification mark of MBDC.

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ORDERING MATRIX Instructions: Select the suction regulator, adapter, fitting, and color (if needed), then write the model number below. Suction Regulator 2 Adapter 3 Fitting 4 Color (Optional) Model Number Please Write Your Selection: Chemetron Adapter DISS Hand-Tight Adapter Ohio Adapter Puritan-Bennett Adapter DISS Nut-Nipple Adapter Oxequip Twist Adapter Oxequip Medstar Adapter Trap Fitting Hose Barb DISS Male Complete Suction Trap w/Trap Fitting Complete Suction Trap Complete Suction Trap w/ DISS w/ DISS Hand-Tight Suction Trap Suction Trap w/ Male Trap Fitting Only Suction Trap w/ DISS...

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