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F S E R I E S F I LT E R S Technology for a Better Future

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F SERIES FILTER FEATURES INLINE FILTER • Applicable when space is limited • Stainless steel 316 material for body and filter element • Sintered filter element provides fine filtration • Maximum working pressure: F2&F4: 4500 psig (310 bar) F6&F8: 3000 psig (206 bar) • Working temperature: -18 F ~ 900 F (-28 C ~ 482 C) 0 • Maximum differential pressure: 1000 psig SS-F4-VM4-15 • End connections include: GENLOK® tube fittings, NPT fittings, BSP/ISO tapered, FSR face seal fittings • 100% tested to ensure optimal performance T-TYPE FILTER • Easily removable filter element for cleaning or...

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SINTERED ELEMENT FEATURE FILTER ELEMENT Filter Series Filter Element Size “XX” represents element nominal pore size: 05: 0.5~2 μm 2: 1~4 μm 7: 5~10 μm • Dense structure helps trap fine particles FILTRATION AREA INLINE FILTER T-TYPE FILTER Filter Series Filter Series FLOW (680F/200C) INLINE FILTER Element Nominal Pore Size (μm) T-TYPE FILTER Air Flow Water Flow Air Flow Water Flow Air Flow Water Flow Air Flow Water Flow Air Flow Water Flow Air Flow Water Flow L/min Inlet Pressure 15 psig (1 bar), Air Flow std L/min (std ft3/min) Pressure Drop 100 psig (6.8 bar), Water Flow L/min (gal/min)

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ORDERING INFORMATION AND DIMENSION INLINE FILTER Basic Ordering Number 1/8” Female BSP/ISO Tapered 1/4” Female BSP/ISO Tapered 3/8” Female BSP/ISO Tapered 1/8” Male BSP/ISO Tapered 1/4” Male BSP/ISO Tapered 3/8” Male BSP/ISO Tapered 1/2” Male BSP/ISO Tapered Dimensions are for reference only

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ORDERING INFORMATION AND DIMENSION T-TYPE FILTER Basic Ordering Number Filter Series Dimensions in. (mm) F2T、F4T F6T、F8T GASKET KITS Filter Series Model Number SS-F2G Dimensions are for reference only Inlet Connection Type: TF: GENLOK NT: NPT FNT: NPT(F) RT: BSP/ISO Tapered FRT: BSP/ISO Tapered(F) VM: Face seal fittings Outlet Connection Type and Size: Element nominal pore size: If outlet connection type is the same as inlet connection type, leave as blank - BTF2 T-type Filter Bypass/Purge Port Option: Blank: Default option, no bypass/purge port BTF2: 1/8” GENLOK BTF4: 1/4” GENLOK BTF6:...

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GENSTAR TECHNOLOGIES Genstar Technologies Company, Inc. 4525 Edison Avenue, Chino, CA 91710, USA

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