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Gas Control Overview

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GAS CONTROL SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW Manifold Systems Control Panels HP/UHP Regulators Pressure Gauges Valves & Fittings Technology for a Better Future

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Company Overview Quality Assurance Genstar Technologies is a global leader in Gas Flow Our highly educated team of engineers, salespeople, All of our products are manufactured under stringent Control Systems for the industrial, specialty gas and technicians, managers, and customer service person- medical sectors. We pride ourselves in our ability to nel are dedicated to providing you with products with and API certified. Our products meet UL, CE, SEMI, provide our customers with high quality, value-added the highest quality, reliability and performance. We and various international...

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SOLUTION PROVIDER Gentec is a total solution provider for your specialty gas control needs. From components to fully integrated systems, we can offer customized solutions to fit your specific needs. General Purpose Regulators ► Forged body construction ► Large diaphragms for stable delivery pressure High Purity Regulators ► Barstock body construction ► Used for corrosive & toxic gases ► Wide variety of materials and configurations Metal-to-metal seals Ultra High Purity Regulators ► Used for ultra high purity gas ► VCR connections to prevent leakage ► Wet areas are EP treated to prevent...

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Tube Fittings ► Easy to install and can be reused * Meet conformance standards Piping Fittings ► Made with high quality 316L stainless steel ► Broad range of operating pressures and Ultra High Purity Connections ► Made with high quality 316L stainless steel ► Used for semi-conductor & research applications ► Wide variety of configurations Type: Orbital welded and face seal connections Piping Accessories ► Pigtails available in different lengths and ► 0.5 ~ 90 urn pore sizes available for one way or Types: High Pressure Pigtails, Filters, Quick Connectors ► Available in different pressure...

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Genstar Technologies Company, Inc. 4525 Edison Avenue, Chino, CA91710, USA

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