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MEDICAL CHECK VALVES WITH EXTENSIONS 3 Piece Design for Ease of Maintenance Type K Copper Extensions Dual Gauge/Purge Ports High Flow, Minimal Pressure Drop Cleaned for Oxygen Service GENTEC® medical check valves shall be designed for concealed piping installation and available for sizes and services indicated. Check valves shall be of brass construction and designed for working pressures of up to 300 psi. The valve body is a 3-piece design with Viton®/ EPDM/Teflon® seats. The body shall be field removable for servicing without having to cut or disassemble the medical gas lines. Valves shall be provided with factory-installed Type K copper extensions for making connections to the pipeline and shall include dual gauge/purge ports, sealed with brass HEX plugs, located upstream and downstream of check valve. The GENTEC valve has a high coefficient of flow (Cv)*, and a tight seal, which eliminates the chatter and leakage that is common with some ball and cone check valves. All check valves with extensions shall be cleaned for oxygen service per current CGA G-4.1 standards, and be 100% hydrostatically tested. Valves shall be capped and sealed in a polyethylene bag to keep them clean prior to installation. All GENTEC medical check valves are backed by a standard 5-year warranty (see warranty statement for details). GENTEC VALVE * flow of water through a valve at 60 oF in US gallons per minute at a pressure drop of 1 lb/in2

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Dimensional Data Notes: A. Four Bolts Used on ¾”- 2” Valves; Six Bolts Used on 2 ½”- 4“ Valves B. Gauge Ports with 1/8” Plug (Gauge Not Supplied) Dimensions: (Inches) Valve Size ORDERING INFORMATION Valve Size CATALOG NUMBER Technology for a Better Future Represented by: Genstar Technologies Company, Inc. 4525 Edison Avenue Chino, CA 91710, USA Tel: 909-606-2726 Fax: 909-606-6485 Copyright © 2011, Genstar Technologies Co., Inc.

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