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GENTEC ©** r r iyr f ® Genstar Technologies Co., Inc. Lit IN I LL- 4525 Edison Avenue GENSTAR TECHNOLOGIES ChinO, CA 91710 We reserve the right to correct any errors that may occur within this brochure. © 2014 Gentec Technologies Co., Inc. Gentec is a registered trademark of Genstar Technologies Co., Inc. Agion is a registered trademark of Agion Technologies, Inc. Cradle To Cradle Certified™ is a certification of McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC). SUCTION REGULATORS, FLOWMETERS & ACCESSORIES The World’s First Antimicrobial and Environmentally Friendly Suction Regulators and Flowmeters

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Suction Regulators and Flowmeters now contain Agion® - Nature’s Antimicrobial The rotary knobs and selector switches of Gentec® suction regulators and flowmeters are made with Agion®, a non-synthetic additive with a non-volatile, naturally occurring silver base. Antimicrobial** Attributes • Continually inhabits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi on the rotary knobs and selector switches - for the life of the device Surface film of moisture Ag release  Agion particles, dispersed throughout the plastic, release antimicrobial silver ions for the life of the device. Environmentally...

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Gentec Suction Regulators • Antimicrobial and environmentally friendly additive in the rotary knobs and selector switches* • Extremely durable, with a full 10-year manufacturer’s warranty • Continuous-only and continuous/intermittent designs • Available with a variety of inlet and outlet fittings and suction trap assemblies User-friendly mode selector Large user-friendly mode selector switch and a 1.25” (3.2 cm) diameter adjustment knob Large diameter gauge and Easy-to-read numbers Large 2.5” (6.4 cm) diameter gauge with glow-in-the-dark scale and arrow Color-coded Color-coded to help...

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Instructions: Select the suction regulator, adapter, fitting, and color (if needed), then write the model number below. STEPS:    1 Suction Regulator    2 Adapter    3 Fitting Please Write Your Selection: 1 SUCTION REGULATORS Intermittent 0-300 Intermittent 0-200 DISS Hand-Tight Adapter 3222U-VAC-NT2 DH iff    if— Puritan-Bennett Adapter DISS Nut-Nipple Adapter Oxequip Twist Adapter Oxequip Medstar Adapter 3311-VAC-NT2    3301-VAC-NT2 Complete Suction Trap w/ Trap Fitting 880VT-5 Complete Suction Trap Complete Suction Trap w/ DISS    w/ DISS Hand-Tight 4 COLORS (OPTIONAL) Blank (White) YL...

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Gentec Flowmeters • Extremely durable, with a full 5-year manufacturer’s warranty • Needle valves for maximum flow control precision • For both oxygen and medical air • Thoroughly tested for accuracy Choose your material Available in either nickel plated, solid brass or aluminum Stainless steel ball float Antimicrobial & Environmentally Friendly Durable polycarbonate Hood and metering tube are made out of durable polycarbonate Back-pressure All flowmeters are backpressure compensated Color-coded Yellow color-coding indicates air (Available in ISO colors) Color-coded Green color-coding...

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FLOWMETER ORDERING INFORMATION Flowmeter Type Adapter • For aluminum flowmeter, change the B to an A (example: FM197B-15L-OH to FM197A-15L-OH) • For dual flowmeter with 2 power take-offs, add -2P (example: FMD197B-15L-OH-2P) • For ISO flowmeters add an E (example: FM197A-15L-OHE) Weight    Aluminum Body: 4.24 oz/122 gm (no adapter)    Brass Body: 6.64 oz/188 gm Hush H°w Rate:    65 LPM (depending on supply flow) Max Inlet Pressure:    100 psig 10    909-606-2726 • :    Over 100 LPM (depending on supply flow)

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COUPLER ASSEMBLIES • For both oxygen and medical air with accuracy and performance • Acrylic block provides a strong and superior-looking flow tube • Percise flow control • 5-Year warranty Designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of performance and accuracy for the applications of critical care on both neonate and adult patients.

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FEATURES • Available for oxygen and air with accuracy and performance • Acrylic block provides a strong and superior-looking flow tube • 200cc and 1LPM model are designed for perinatal and neonatal applications where extreme accuracy under very low flow is required • Precise flow control • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 100PSI • Inlet Connection: See table below (Models for additional inlet connections are available) • Outlet: DISS Male (9/16“-18UNF) • Calibrated at 50PSI • 5-Year warranty (see warranty statement for details)

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