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Vacuum Regulator Flush Flush the Unit in Each Functional Mode REGULATOR BEING FLUSHED VACUUM HOSE TRAP BOTTLE WITH OVERFLOW PROTECTION SHALLOW PAN CONTAINING ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL Turn the mode selector switch to OFF. Attach two vacuum hoses as shown above. The collection bottle will trap the liquid and keep it out of the hospital vacuum system. Place far as it will go for maximum flow. Draw approximately 100 ml of isopropyl alcohol through the unit. Remove the unit from the alcohol container and operate the patient connection of the GENTEC® regulator into a shal- the unit for at least 30 minutes with the patient connection of low pan containing isopropyl alcohol. the regulator open to the atmosphere. This allows the internal Turn the mode selector switch to the desired mode and turn the vacuum level knob (lower range knob) clockwise as Genstar Technologies Company, Inc. 4525 Edison Avenue, Chino, CA 91710

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