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Found in the world’s most exclusive wellness centers, clinical health environments, behavioral change clinics, therapeutic & rehabilitation centers and allopathic hospitals, Gharieni’s Satori is a complete natural vibrational and binaural sound treatment, designed to fully synchronize body and mind. This combination of mind-body stimulation is a powerful and effective tool for changing neural pathways and creating healthy behaviors. Vibroacoustic treatment has been clinically proven to create behavioral change in people recovering from stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders, and addictions, as...

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An effortless way to improve mental and physical wellbeing Wellness treatment for symptoms of low-energy, lack of sleep, anxiety and stress Supports behavioral change including weight reduction & addictive behaviors Evidence based

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THE SATORI PROGRAMS The Satori System offers a selection of nine programs, each with 4-6 sessions available. There are four programs that are non-verbal, and five programs that are voice-guided, all in English. All of the relaxation and meditation programs guide the brainwaves to alpha and theta levels. The behavioral change programs utilize the theta brain- wave level, where the conscious mind is shut down, and the subconscious mind is still active, to deliver guided meditation programs to the subconscious, creating lasting behavioral change. The sleep and power nap programs are deep delta...

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Vibrational Wellness (Two guided, two non-guided programs) A series of two guided, two non-guided sessions ranging from 16 minutes to 50 minutes, focusing on mind/body wellness and healing. Meditation and Energy Balance (voice guided) A series of 6 sessions ranging from grounding and stress reduction to energetic cleansing and mind-body regeneration Sleep Wave (non-verbal) The Sleep Wave program offers two sessions. They range from programs for relaxation, meditation, sleep, positive self-image, brain fitness and behavioral change Satori Sound Change Tobacco Cessation Support (voice guided)...

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Wellness Lounger

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All Satori programs utilize audio vibrations, or sine waves, embedded into a multilayered sound technology called Quantum Harmonics™. These sound frequencies, when precisely delivered, create synchronization between the brain’s left and right hemispheres. This hemispheric synchronization results in a quieting of the mind, allowing deep relaxation, meditation, and dreamless sleep to occur. Through repeated use, this entrainment process allows new neural pathways to be created, promoting lifelong behavior changes

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Moers, Germany | Sales + Showroom / Gharieni Group GmbH • Gutenbergstr. 40 • D-47443 Moers / Moers, Germany | Distribution + Service / Gharieni Group GmbH • Am Schürmannshütt 24 • D-47441 Moers / Tel: +49 - (0) 28 41 - 88 300 - 0 • Fax: +49 - (0) 28 41 - 88 300 - 333 • • Ettlingen, Germany / Gharieni Süd GmbH • Siemensstr. 11 • D-76275 Ettlingen / Tel: +49-(0)72 43-33 22-363 • Fax: +49-(0)72 43-33 22-391 • Nederweert | BeNeLux / Gharieni Nederland BV • Hulsenweg 14 • NL-6031 SP Nederweert / Tel: +31 (0) 495 - 63 30 36 • Fax: +31 (0)...

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