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ELECTRONIC PIPETTE The electronic pipette with guaranteed performance in both standard and repetitive pipetting. PRECISE EASY-TO-USE RELIABLE

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DELIVER ON-TARGET PERFORMANCE 14 Systematic error of 10 pipettes P300M 10 µL aliquots ISO 8655-2 specifications for standard pipetting mode PIPETMAN M has been designed to offer guaranteed accuracy and precision in both 12 standard and repetitive pipetting modes, as reliable sample preparation is central to 10 producing meaningful science. 8 6 Benefit from PIPETMAN M new, advanced features to 8655-2 specifications for standard pipettingscience forward! help propel your mode ISO 4 THE PIPETTE GUARANTEED TO PERFORM WITH OUTSTANDING ACCURACY AND PRECISION IN REPETITIVE PIPETTING Repetitive...

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PIPETTE WITH LESS EFFORT AND MORE COMFORT At Gilson, we place great value on producing products that not only enhance the science you do, but also make it easier and more comfortable to do so. EASE-OF-USE IS RIGHT ON THE BUTTON PIPETMAN M is a unique pipette with only two buttons to enable the pipette and reach all menu options. Scroll effortlessly between the five pipetting modes: • Pipet (standard mode) • Reverse • Repetitive • Mix • Custom (personalized mode) ADVANCED ERGONOMICS FOR HOURS OF COMFORT Simplify your daily routine with PIPETMAN M when performing qPCR, ELISA, library prep for...

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RESULTS YOU CAN CONSISTENTLY RELY ON In running your important experiments, the most critical phases are the final ones. The results. Whether it’s standard or repetitive pipetting, PIPETMAN M provides guaranteed results. Maximum Permissible Errors (standard pipetting mode) Volume range Gilson PIPETMAN M model Ordering reference PIPETMAN DIAMOND Tips compatibility PIPET Mode REPETITIVE Mode Random error Systematic error Random error (µL) (µL) (µL) Gilson specifications set with Gilson PIPETMAN DIAMOND Tips. The maximum permissible errors always apply to the entire pipetting system that...

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A LARGE VOLUME RANGE 8 single channels (from 0.5 µL to 10 mL) and 12 multichannels (from 0.5 µL to 1200 µL). EASY-TO-USE PIPETTE TO PERFORM A LARGE NUMBER OF APPLICATIONS Complete pipette operations with only 2 buttons. • ntuitive interface with 5 pipetting modes: I pipet, repetitive, mix, reverse and custom. • A new customized mode allows user to create protocol easily and rapidly. • Access to factory calibration settings. • ustomizable, lockable, and secure C pipetting modes. • ndependent speeds for aspirating and I dispensing for varying solution densities. GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE IN...

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EMPOWER YOUR SYSTEM WITH PIPETMAN M ACCESSORIES To support the work you do in the lab, we’ve provided accessories that help facilitate your entire pipetting procedure–including making sure you are always ready with our charging adapters solutions. PIPETMAN M POWER CARROUSEL Store and charge up to 5 PIPETMAN M devices at one time with this convenient rotating stand, occupying the minimum amount of bench space. PIPETMAN CARROUSEL STAND + PIPETMAN M STAND ADAPTER Conveniently charge single and multichannel pipettes on our standard carrousel stand with the charging stand adapter. PIPETMAN M...

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