Ginolis PMB Pump Starter Kit


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Ginolis PMB Pump Starter Kit - 1

PRODUCT SHEET High precision dispensing Ginolis PMB Pump Kit is an easy-to-use starter kit for the Ginolis Piezo Motor Bellows (PMB) pump.

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Ginolis PMB Pump Starter Kit - 2

Product Sheet The Piezo Motor Bellows (PMB) pump is used for accurate and repeatable non-contact dispensing of nanoliter range volumes. The basic starter kit includes PMB pump, degasser, tubing, valves and tips. Additional upgrades include hard cover travel case, drop verification camera and backlight. The principle behind the Ginolis PMB pump is a highly accurate piezo motor that is connected to a bellows which is contracted and expanded with the motor. In doing so, the bellows displaces a volume in a closed chamber which is equal to the aspirated or dispensed volume. The advantage of a...

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