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From the creator of the original tapered implant... -Official Implant of the- Misch International Implant Institute

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The next advancement in a lifelong pursuit… From Dr. Jack Hahn, creator of the world’s most widely used tapered implant, the new Hahn Tapered Implant System combines clinically proven features with contemporary innovation. Designed for general dentists to be simple, safe, and predictable, this advanced system is precisely engineered to meet the demands of modern implant dentistry. Like most clinicians, I want an implant system that serves to simplify treatment and increase case efficiency. Being able to address all kinds of cases quickly and capably is a win-win. That’s what the Hahn...

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Color-coded platform for matching restorative components Machined collar to facilitate soft tissue maintenance5,6 Conical prosthetic connection for excellent seal, stability, and strength1,2,3,4 Coronal microthreads for crestal bone preservation7,8,9 Sharp buttress thread for good primary stability in all bone types10,11 Proven resorbable blast media (RBM) surface with proprietary processing to promote osseointegration Tapered body for use in anatomically constricted areas13,14,15,16 Dual-lead thread pattern with selftapping grooves for swift insertion12 RBM Surface Technology Resorbable...

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Technical Specifications Diameter (Ø) micro-threads zone Self tapping groove Each Hahn Tapered Implant is packaged with a titanium carrier designed for easy delivery, color-coded by implant d

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A solution for every indication… Hahn Tapered Implants are specially designed to perform in even the most demanding clinical situations. Congenitally missing lateral incisor Ø3.0 mm Hahn Tapered Implant Final restoration of tooth #10 Healing abutment post-placement Final prosthetic result Extraction of non-restorable tooth #8 Immediate placement of temporary abutment and crown Provisional restoration post-op … with natural-looking results to satisfy patients, even in demanding anterior cases. Area of tooth #8 post-healing Final seating of custom abutment and crown Final prosthetic result...

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Simple, safe, predictable… Hahn Tapered Implants allow for precise control during placement, engage a maximum amount of bone, and achieve a high degree of primary stability in a wide variety of clinical situations. Each shaping drill is implant-specific to precisely determine both diameter and depth of the osteotomy. Color-coded bands on each shaping drill correspond to implant diameter, matching the color of the implant carrier The instrumentation kits allow the clinician to easily organize, transport, and sterilize the surgical and prosthetic tooling. The autoclavable kits have been...

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Comprehensive prosthetic options… Select from a comprehensive assortment of prosthetic components designed to facilitate a full range of traditional and contemporary restorative protocols. All Hahn Tapered Implants feature a conical internal hex connection for a secure prosthetic seal. Contoured Healing and Matching Transfers Contoured to prepare the soft tissue for a more natural emergence profile, Hahn Tapered Implant Healing Abutments are available in multiple heights to accommodate varying gingival thickness. When healing is complete, precisely capture the gingival anatomy with a...

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Khraisat A, Stegaroiu R, Nomura S, Miyakawa O. Fatigue resistance of two implant/abutment joint designs. J Prosthet Dent. 2002 Dec;88(6):604-10. Maeda Y, Satoh T, Sogo M. In vitro differences of stress concentrations for internal and external hex implant-abutment connections: a short communication. J Oral Rehabil. 2006 Jan;33(1):75-8. Hansson S. A conical implant-abutment interface at the level of the marginal bone improves the distribution of stresses in the supporting bone. An axisymmetric finite element analysis. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2003 Jun;14(3):286-93. Hansson S1. Implant-abutment...

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