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Valuable alternative for complex soft tissue reinforcement Intended for use in the reinforcement of soft tissue, GORE® BIO-A® Tissue Reinforcement is a uniquely designed web of biocompatible synthetic polymers that is gradually absorbed by the body. Its 3D matrix of open, highly interconnected pores facilitates cell infiltration and tissue generation, leaving no permanent material behind. • 100% synthetic, bioabsorbable tissue scaffold • Rapid cell population and vascularization • Replaced 1:1 with native tissue • Versatile for numerous applications • Offers performance plus value Gore...

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GORE® BIO-A® Tissue Reinforcement is constructed with a proven, 100 percent bioabsorbable material, polyglycolic acid:trimethylene carbonate (PGA:TMC) fibers. Without the risks associated with biologics, this synthetic tissue scaffold provides uniformity and consistency. Derived neither from human nor animal tissue, GORE® BIO-A® Tissue Reinforcement is designed to break down primarily by hydrolysis. Within one to two weeks, the patient’s cells migrate into the scaffold and begin generating vascularized soft tissue. Gradually over approximately six to seven months, the material is absorbed...

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Ease of use for surgeon and hospital • No soaking, refrigeration or tracking required • Trimmable • Three year shelf life • Available in large sizes up to 20 cm x 30 cm • Good value per cm2 Product Size *Configured for hiatal hernia repair Creative Technologies Worldwide W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. Flagstaff, AZ 86004 +65.67332882 (Asia Pacific) 00800.6334.4673 (Europe) 800.437.8181 (United States) 928.779.2771 (United States) goremedical.com *Photo courtesy of Biophysical Society and Christopher B. Raub, Vinod Suresh, Tatiana Krasieva, Julia Lyubovitsky, Justin D. Mih, Andrew J....

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