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Th e S t r e t c h Advantage for Aortic Bypass Surgery PERFORMANCE through innovation

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”.less susceptible for needle hole bleeding than other ePTFE grafts.” ’...no aortoentericfistulas...” ”...nograft dilatation or aneurysms... ”...non-porous nature...” ”...its softness, flexibility and conformability prevent kinking...” ”...longitudinal extensibility allows easier tailoring and sizing...” ’’...improved handling characteristics.” \ ’’.smooth surfaces.” - Shah DM, Darling RC III, Kreienberg PB, et nl. A critical approach for longitudinal clinical trial of stretch PTFE aortic grafts. Cardiovascular Surgery 1997;5(4):4

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  Clinical Proof: Features and Benefits GORE-TEX® Stretch ePTFE Grafts have become the graft of choice in small diameter peripheral surgery. The same clinical benefits can be achieved in larger diameter aortic applications. Stretch • Kink-resistant in area of angulation • Improved handling, soft and supple • Conformability at the anastomosis Wall thickness comparison of Standard and Thin-walled 6 mm Vascular Grafts • Forgiveness in length matching • The security of reinforced GORE-TEX® Vascular Grafts • Bifurcated trunk sizes available in 12 – 24 mm diameters and 40 – 50 cm lengths Relaxed...

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Bifurcated GORE TEX® Stretch Vascular Grafts Commonly Requested GORE-TEX® Sutures Catalogue Internal Length Number Diameter (mm) (cm) Thread Length Catalogue Size Needles (cm) Number Standard-Walled Trunk with Thin-Walled Limbs Standard-Walled Trunks and Limbs * SB = GORE-TEX® Stretch Vascular Graft - Standard-walled Bifurcated Devices with SBxxxx and SBxxxxD catalogue numbers are functionally identical. 'D' suffix denotes European manufactured devices. Sizing, availability and pricing varies by country. Please check with your Gore representative for availability....

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