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Why Gore Does Not Offer a Pre-Cuffed Graft: The Science Behind Cuff Technology Creative Technologies through data

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In Vitro Experiments Shed New Light on the Hemodynamics of Distal Bypass Anastomoses MRI-based 3-Dimensional Flow Velocity Measurement of Pre-cuffed Graft and Standard End-to-Side Anastomoses1,2 Graft Graft Native Artery Model Native Artery Model Standard End-to-Side Low-Velocity Vortex Smooth Flow Transition Large Separation: Low-Velocity Vortex Small Separation: No Vortex Flowrate (L/min) Pre-cuffed Graft Pulsatile Flow Rate Waveform Lateral view Lateral view Low-Velocity Recirculation Little Recirculation Bottom view Low-Velocity Vortex Results In: Smooth Flow Transition Results In: •...

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A Review of Recent Literature Does Not Demonstrate a Clinical Benefit for Pre-cuffed Grafts Over Conventional ePTFE Grafts Average Primary Patency for BelowKnee Bypasses a ePTFE Pre-cuffed Graft b ePTFE Standard End-to-Side (no vein cuffs or patches) c N = total number of bypasses Weighted average Includes studies of below-knee popliteal and distal bypasses only. Through July 2010. Data of analysis on file. Data based on an analysis of current literature: Several Medline searches were performed to identify publications pertaining to ePTFE synthetic vascular graft and vein infragenicular...

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The Power is In the Surgeon’s Hands: Hemodynamics Can be Improved with Anastomotic Technique The current results of 3-D flow velocity studies suggest: 1,2 • The pre-cuffed graft does not offer the solution to the problem of poor hemodynamics in an end-to-side anastomosis. • A standard end-to-side anastomosis using a conventional ePTFE graft does not necessarily have poor flow. Flow can be improved by considering these important geometric factors: - Non-Planar Approach Angle • Bevel angle 12,13 • Anastomotic length 13,14 • Cross-sectional area 13,14 Current results confirm that a 30° bevel...

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