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Dry block heaters » BT5D high temperature dry block heater BT5D high temperature dry block heater Temperature range: ambient +10ºC to 400°C Convenient digitally controlled dry block heating system for high temperature applications. Provides temperature control without the need for fluids and reduces the risk of contamination. Temperature range: ambient +10ºC to 400ºC Stability: ±0.5ºC, uniformity: ±1% Timed or continuous operation Choice of two models with different block capacities Robust construction for long term durability and reliability. Digital controller for accurate and reproducible time and temperature setting. Raised feet to protect the work surface from extremely high temperatures. year warranty Veterinary laboratories - digestion of tissue samples for lead analyses Chemical laboratories - organic synthesis Technology and research - materials (explosives) testing Any application requiring heating in a dry block up to 400°C © Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd Choice of two models: BT5D-16 for 38 x ø16mm tubes BT5D-26 for 22 x ø26mm tubes Custom sizes available, please enquire for further information. Adjustable over temperature cut-out protects users, valuable s

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Dry block heaters» BT5D high temperature dry block heater » Technical specifications Products for special high temperature applications – Technical specifications High temperature block heater, digital control Temperature range Display resolution Heat up time ambient to maximum Capacity 1 hr 40 mins 38 x ø16 x 60mm (depth) tube over temperature protection adjustable cut-out Electrical power © Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd

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