OLS200 Combined orbital / linear shaking water bath


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Shaking water baths Shaking water baths » OLS200 combined orbital/linear shaking bath Combined orbital/linear shaking bath Model OLS200 range 0°C to 99°C*, stability ±0.1°C Patented, combined orbital and linear shaking mechanism of the OLS200 allows optimisation of aeration, shear forces and degree of mixing for maximum and reproducible yields. Precision digital temperature control Stability ±0.1°C Easy changeover from linear to orbital shaking Adjustable shaking speed and stroke length Polycarbonate lid included as standard 0°C to 99°C operating range* 3 year warranty Unique shaking mechanism allows orbital and linear shaking in one product – simply change the orientation of the shaking tray to change from one mode to the other Choice of trays to accommodate various types of vessels. Tray is required - please order separately. Number of flasks in universal tray: 3 x 1000ml, 6 x 500ml,18 x 100ml, 11 x 250ml, 45 x 25ml, 28 x 50ml Can be operated below ambient to 0°C with accessory cooling Powerful drive mechanism: quiet operation; smooth consistent shaking over a wide speed range Quality construction for years of reliable operation in the laboratory Individual displays/controls for temperature and shaking speed Heater and temperature sensor mounted under tank – large available working area; easy to clean and keep clean * accessory cooling required for operation below ambient Ⅲ General use - defrosting, cooling/warming liquids, temperature control of samples Ⅲ Life-science - microbiological assays, coliform determination, tissue studies, cell cultivation, fermentation, bacterial culture for protein expression, biochemical assays, enzyme assay Ⅲ Industrial - softener content of films by washout, materials testing, corrosion testing Ⅲ Biopharm - solubility testing of medical coatings, dissolution, cooling crystallisation Ⅲ Food & beverage - allergen extraction, food digestion 6.2 © Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd

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Shaking water baths OLS200 shaking water bath » Specifications OLS200 Shaking water baths – summary of specifications Orbital/linear shaking bath Minimum working volume Temperature range Temperature setting/display Temperature display resolution Shaking speed range Orbital shaking Linear shaking stroke length Shaking speed setting/display Shaking speed display resolution Shaking tray area Flask immersion Overall power consumption Supply voltage Safety over temperature/low liquid level Options and accessories Replacement polycarbonate lids, transparent AQL26**** Stainless steel sloping lid...

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