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Orbital Shaking Platform - 1

PSU-20i orbital multi-platform shaker Powerful and efficient microprocessor controlled, multi-functional orbital shaker providing all that is required to mix your samples – rotation, reciprocation and vibration. This enables optimisation of the mixing whether in flasks, beakers, petri dishes or other laboratory vessels. Shakers, mixers and stirrers Shakers, mixers and stirrers » PSU20-i orbital shaking platform Ⅲ Orbital motion (20 to 250 rpm), reciprocation (20 to 250 rpm) and vibration functions all in one product Ⅲ Loading capacity - 8 kg Ⅲ Fully programmable sequence that can use one or all the functions Ⅲ 6 interchangeable platforms for vessels up to 1000ml including a multi-level platform to hold a large number of various microplates, Petri dishes and culture bags. Ⅲ Reciprocal rotation: 0 to 360° turning angle, in 30 degree steps Ⅲ Vibration: 0 to 5° turning angle, 1 degree steps PSU-20i fitted with PUP-330 Universal detachable platform accommodates vessels of different shapes and sizes for maximum flexibility. Please order separately. See page 10.4 for full list of accessory platforms. No tools are needed to change the platform Powerful, reliable and exceptionally quiet motor – combines an 8 kg loading capacity with consistent even motion and quiet operation All mixing functions – orbital motion, reciprocation and vibration – can be set for continuous or timed operation, or be linked together in different combinations to establish optimum mixing and ensure accurately repeatable conditions for your application 2-line LCD status display of actual and set parameters Very easy to operate, with simple set-up of multi-segment programs via push buttons Low voltage cord easily fits through door gaskets, allowing use in incubators, refrigerators and workstations. Safe and low energy consumption. Direct drive system and brushless motor Supplied without a platform. Ⅲ Biomedical and biopharmaceutical laboratories - cultivation of cells, extracting, dissolving slowreacting samples, extraction of mineral oil of soil, of tissue culture for analytical diagnostics, deaeration of tested biodegradable materials and samples, rotating closed containers for dialysis, bacterial growth © Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd » Shakers, mixers and stirrers

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Orbital Shaking Platform - 2

Shakers, mixers and stirrers Shakers, mixers and stirrers » PSU-10i orbital platform shaker PSU-10i orbital platform shaker Microprocessor controlled shaking platform providing smooth and quiet horizontal orbital motion for mixing in bottles, flasks and beakers. Ⅲ Ⅲ Ⅲ Ⅲ Variable shaking speed: 50 to 450 rpm Reliable direct drive system Automatic load balancing system Continuous or timed operation with automatic switch-off Ⅲ 5 interchangeable platforms for vessels up to 250 ml including an 88 place spring loaded platform for tubes up to 30mm diameter Ⅲ Simple to set up and easy to operate Ⅲ...

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Orbital Shaking Platform - 3

Shakers, mixers and stirrers Shakers, mixers and stirrers » PSU-20i and PSU10i » Models and specifications Shakers – models and specifications (all heights excl. platform) Multi platform shaker Shaking platform Speed (depends on loading) Maximum load Timer, with automatic switch-off Motion timer (orbital/reciprocal modes) Motion timer (vibration mode) Angle (reciprocal mode) Angle (vibration mode) Input voltage Input current Ambient temperature range Accessories P16-88 NEW! Platform with spring holders for up to 88 tubes up to 30mm diameter P12-100 Platform with clamps for 12 x 100/150ml...

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