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showcase – mid range/general purpose example Model QBD2* stability and uniformity ±0.1°C, range ambient +5 to 130°C Dry block heaters » QBD2 mid range/general purpose showcase A versatile general purpose system with two removable/interchangeable blocks and a comprehensive specification to suit most dry block heating applications in the laboratory. Ⅲ Stability and uniformity ±0.1°C Ⅲ Digital temperature control for optimum precision Ⅲ Heating range ambient +5°C to 130°C, with rapid heat-up time Ⅲ Range of convenient features including alarms, single and dual point calibration, programmed start/stop, ‘offset’ for known sample temperature variation and choice of external or internal probes Ⅲ External probe available for accurate temperature control in a tube Microplate or microtube blocks for 0.2 ml tubes, strips and 96well microplates used in molecular biology and biotechnology applications Optional safety cover – protects samples from contamination and users from accidental contact with hot blocks Convenient timer facility, with audible buzzer, for reaction timing and function timing, e.g. delayed heater switch-on/turn-off Wide range of interchangeable blocks (order blocks separately)– extraction tool supplied as standard for easy and safe removal of blocks. Simple to use rotory dial plus two keys for fast, accurate set-up Compact footprint and sloping fascia optimise benchspace and ensure clear visibility during setup and in use Custom blocks – for virtually any tube or vessel High quality, robust construction in streamlined coolwall aluminium and chemical-resistant plastic – durable in demanding environments High power heater for fast heat-up – from 25°C to 100°C in only 15 minutes Over temperature cut-out protects your samples and your workplace * see summary table on pp. 8.3-8.4 for accessories and for other models in the range © Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd » Dry block heating systems

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Dry block heaters» QB series » Models and specifications Dry block heating systems with interchangeable blocks – models Temperature range Ⅲ ambient + 5 to 130°C Ⅲ ambient + 5 to 200°C Ⅲ ambient + 5 to 100°C Precision digital High performance digital Economy analogue Temperature range Temperature setting range Setting resolution across similar blocks @ 37°C, °C Stability Uniformity Temperature display, LED Display resolution Heat up time Three programmable temperature/time segments plus end-of-program segments Reaction timer, with audible buzzer Function timer for delay of heater...

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Dry block heaters » QB series » Options and accessories Interchangeable blocks* No. of blocks QB-0 Plain block without holes QB-10 24 x 10 mm ø holes, 50 mm hole depth QB-12 24 x 12 mm ø holes, 50mm hole depth QB-13 12 x 13 mm ø holes, 50 mm hole depth QB-16 12 x 16 mm ø holes, 50 mm hole depth QB-17H for 10 x Falcon tubes tall 17mm ø holes , 75mm hole depth QB-18 12 x 18 mm ø holes, 50 mm hole depth QB-24 5 x 24 mm ø holes and universal bottles, 50 mm hole depth QB-50 4 x 50 ml centrifuge tubes, glass universals, 50 mm hole depth QB-H 56 x 0.2 ml microtube, 14 mm hole depth QB-E0 24 x 0.5...

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