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Operating Manual

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Refrigerated Immersion Coolers Operating Manual

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Refrigerated Immersion Coolers OOOO'vl-^l Q®OlOlOlUl

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Refrigerated Immersion Coolers Safety The following symbols marked on the equipment mean:Caution: Read these operating instructions fully before use and pay particular attention to sections containing this symbol Caution: Surfaces can become hot during use. Always observe the following safety precautions           Use only as specified by the operating instructions, or the intrinsic protection may be impaired. After transport or storage in humid conditions, dry out the unit before connecting it to the supply voltage. During drying out the intrinsic protection may be impaired....

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Refrigerated Immersion Coolers 2.1 Unpacking Remove the packing materials carefully, and retain for future shipment or storage. 2.1.1 Cooler C1G: The pack should contain: C1G Cooler Mains cable Cooling coil locator pack These instructions. C2G: The pack should contain: C2G Cooler Mains cable Cooling coil locator pack These instructions CS200G: The pack should contain: CS200G Cooler CS200G Tray kit Mains cable These instructions 2.2 Installation WARNING: The equipment must be earthed (grounded). It is protected by electrical fuses. We strongly recommend that the power supply to any equipment...

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Refrigerated Immersion Coolers Immersed material: the cooling coil is nickel plated copper. 2.2.2 C1G, C2G The C1G and C2G are designed for use with the Grant Optima, Y and W Series baths. The C2G is only suitable for fitting in the 26, 28 and 38 litre baths. For fitting coiling coil in the Optima, Y and W series baths refer to instruction included with cooling coil locator pack. Ensure that the unit is located so that the ventilation grilles are not less than 100mm from any obstruction. The cooling coil may be immersed in liquids up to 100°C but the cooler should only be used to cool down...

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Refrigerated Immersion Coolers All Grant laboratory products are designed to comply with IEC61010-1 and can be flash tested. Some are fitted with radio frequency interference suppressors. Therefore it is recommended that only a d.c. test is performed. 3.1 C1G, C2G, CS200G Dust the refrigeration condenser: Cooling power will be reduced if the fins behind the front grille become clogged with dust. Examine monthly and, if necessary, call a competent person to take off the cover and remove the dust. Disposal This unit contains refrigerant gas, which must NOT be discharged to the atmosphere....

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Refrigerated Immersion Coolers The cases can be cleaned with a damp cloth after disconnection. Do not use solvents. The immersed parts can be cleaned with soapy water. Before using any decontamination or cleaning method except that recommended, check with our Service Department, or in other countries with our distributor, that the proposed method will not damage the equipment. 3.3 Replacement of fuses Disconnect the unit from the power supply socket. Remove the IEC power plug from the rear of the unit. Press down the drawer catch. Pull out the fuse drawer, check and replace with...

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Refrigerated Immersion Coolers WEEE Directive In Europe, at the end of its life the unit must be disposed of in accordance with the WEEE directive, For information regarding WEEE collections in the UK please contact our B2B Compliance Scheme directly on 01691 676 124 Grant Instruments complies fully with the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations 2006. We are a member of the B2B compliance scheme (Scheme Approval Number WEE/MP3338PT/SCH), which handle our WEEE obligations on our behalf. Grant Instruments have been issued with a unique registration number by the...

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Refrigerated Immersion Coolers Operating Manual

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Refrigerated Immersion Coolers Declaration of Conformity Equipment Name Equipment Description Directives CE mark first applied GRANT INSTRUMENTS (CAMBRIDGE) LTD, Shepreth, Cambridgeshire SG86GB C1G, C2G, CS200G Refrigerated immersion coolers EMC Directive 2004/108/EC LVD Directive 2006/95/EC 1995 Applied Harmonised BS EN 61326-1:2006 Standards Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use. EMC requirements. General requirements BS EN 61010-1:2001 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use. General requirements BS EN...

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