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Orbital shaker-incubators RTS-1 and RTS-1C personal bioreactor Compact and efficient personal bioreactor providing “Reverse-Spin” type of agitation and logging of microbial growth in 50 ml tubes in real time. • Temperature setting range: RTS-1 +25 to 70 RTS-1C +4 to +70 °C • Variable speed: 50 – 2,000 (increment 10 rpm) • Temperature control allows use as an incubator (RTS-1C) • Compact device with low profile and small footprint • Connect up to 12 units simultaneously 3D graphical representation of OD or growth rate over time over unit. Temperature control by microprocessor plus forced heated air circulation ensures a constant and even temperature within the chamber. Programmable cycling/ profiling of cultivation parameters such as temperature, RPM, “Reverse-Spin” frequency. Real–Time cell growth logging. Innovative mixing due to reverse spinning of the sample around its own axis. Compact, sturdy construction with a low profile and small footprint - fits neatly into the workplace. Easy-to-read LCD screen displaying temperature, RPM and time. • Bacterial cultivation with real time growth kinetics, strain screening, temperature stress and fluctuation experiments media screening and optimization, synthetic and systems biology, inhibition and toxicity tests, strain quality control @ Grant Instr

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Personal bioreactors - Technical specifications Personal bioreactor — Highest kLa (h-1) is achieved at 5 ml working volume which is optimal for aerobic cultivation * — 850 to OD600 vary between strains and phases of growth ** — Not guaranteed because OS not supported by producer @ Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd www.grantinstruments.com » Orbital shaker-incubators

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