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DesignedandmanufacturedatGrant’sheadquartersinCambridgeshire,UK,andcombiningthoughtfuldesignwith robustengineering,Grantproductsaresynonymouswithaccuracy,longevityandeaseofoperation.Theyareusedin laboratoryandindustrialprocessesacrosstheworldbyprestigiousscientificinstitutionsaswellasindustrialresearch andqualityassurancelaboratories. TheScientificdivisionofGrantInstrumentsoffersawiderangeofhighqualitylaboratoryequipmentusedinroutine laboratoryapplicationsforanalytical,diagnosticandresearchpurposes.ThisiscomplementedbytheGrant-biorange, aninnovativeandcost-effectiveproductrangedesignedprimarilyforlifescienceapplications. Head Office - UK GrantInstruments(Cambridge)Ltd Shepreth Scientific Equipment Catalogue 2013 - 2014 Scientific Equipment Catalogue 2013 – 2014 Precision temperature control, sample preparation and life-science products  for the world’s laboratories Regional Office - India Regional Office - China ©GrantInstruments(Cambridge)Ltd2013. Alltrademarksacknowledged. Grant,Grant-bio,OptimaandSetandForgetareregisteredtrademarksofGrantInstruments(Cambridge)Ltd. Labwise,Multi-spinandCombi-spinaretrademarksofGrantInstruments(Cambridge)Ltd. WindowsisaregisteredtrademarkofMicrosoft.BayerisaregisteredtrademarkofBayerAG. DowCorningisaregisteredtrademarkofDowCorningCorporation.

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Scientific Catalogue - 2

About Grant products Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd has been designing and manufacturing scientific laboratory equipment for over 60 years, with hundreds of thousands of Grant’s renowned water baths sold worldwide.  The current range of Grant laboratory products continues the same successful philosophy which centres on design excellence and high quality build to provide key customer benefits: Ⅲ accurate and consistent performance Ⅲ ease of use Ⅲ long and reliable working life Ⅲ long term value for money In addition Grant products are supported by: Ⅲ a comprehensive warranty Ⅲ...

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Scientific Catalogue - 3

About Grant products Grant scientific products 1 Heated circulating baths I 1.1 Optima™ series thermostatic heating baths and circulators. Temperature range: -15°C to 200°C* 1.10 High temperature oil baths/circulators - HED series. Temperature range: +50°C to 260°C 1.12 Gerber bath for milk testing or applications with deeper tank requirements. Temperature range: 2 Refrigerated/heating circulating baths and re-circulating chillers I 2.1 Optima™ R series refrigerated/heating circulating baths. Temperature range: -47°C to 100°C 2.7 Recirculating chillers - RC series. Temperature range: -10°C...

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Scientific Catalogue - 4

Grant-bio™ life-science products 9 PMR-30 fixed angle and PMR-100 adjustable angle, variable speed side-to-side rocker PS-3D variable speed, fixed angle 3D rocker-rotator PS-M3D variable speed, fixed angle, multi-function 3D rocker-rotator PTR-25 mini-rotator and PTR-35 and PTR-60 multifunctional vertical rotators Shakers, mixers and stirrers PMS-1000i variable speed shaker for 2 or 4 microplates V-32 multi-platform vortex mixer PV-1 personal vortex mixer 10.10 MMS-3000 mini magnetic stirrer for volumes up to 20L Thermoshakers with heating and cooling PCMT thermoshaker with heating and...

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Scientific Catalogue - 5

Application specific products 18 Temperature gradient plate for seed germination efficacy testing Inspissator for use in the preparation of TB culture medium Transportable incubator TRANS INC battery powered incubator with dry block heating system MOD heat transfer apparatus BT-MOD1 defence standard 05-50 (part 61) heat transfer apparatus EF600M liquid nitrogen /cryogen free controlled rate freezer Other Grant products, capabilities and general information 22 OEM and private label projects Grant data loggers General information Part number 28981 Version 1.7 © Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd

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Scientific Catalogue - 6

Product selectors Grant scientific product selector Do you need a liquid based system? Do you need sample shaking ? What temperature range do you need? Type of refrigeration needed? Accessory Temperature setting resolution 0.1°C YES Block heater Refrigerated series section 8 Optima™ Optima™ section 1 Better than ±0.2°C stability YES Below ambient JBA/JBN SBB series Optima™TC120, page 5.8 page 5.4 TX150 or TXF200 Shaking bath Grant bio range - how to choose a shaker, rocker, vortex mixer 10³ to 10²ml Erlenmeyer flasks and cultivation flasks Petri dishes, vacutainers and tubes up to 15 ml PCR...

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Scientific Catalogue - 7

1 Heated circulating baths Optima™ range Heated circulating baths HED series High temperature baths/circulators Gerber bath For milk testing and deeper tank requirements

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Scientific Catalogue - 8

Heated circulating baths Heated circulating baths » Optima™ range Optima™heatedcirculating bathsandcirculators Acost-effectiverangeofmulti-purposesystemscombiningGrant’slegendaryqualityand reliability.Precisetemperaturecontrolforawiderangeoflaboratoryapplications. Accurate and safe temperature control –forsamplesandusers Intuitive programming and thoughtful design features –makesworkingwithGrantheatedcirculatingbathsandcirculatorseasy Ⅲ Robust, durable construction –forlongevity,reliabilityandlong-termlowcostofownership Ⅲ A complete range...

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Scientific Catalogue - 9

Heated circulating baths Heated circulating baths » T100, TC120, TX150 and TXF200 Heatingcirculators T100,TC120,TX150,TXF200 TheversatileOptima™ heatingcirculatorrangeconsistsof4models-twogeneralpurpose: T100andTC120andtwoadvancedmodels:TX150andTXF200.Combineanyofthefour modelswithaGrantstainlesssteelorplastictankoruseindependentlywithaclamp. General purpose digital T100 ambient +5 to 100ºC* Advanced digital Excellent temperature stability and temperature control for demanding applications Excellent temperature stability and temperature control for demanding applications Clear, bright 4...

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