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Unstirred water baths Unstirred water baths » SUB Aqua Pro » NEW! Advanced digital water bath range - SUB Aqua Pro Built to the highest standard and specifications, and incorporating the latest technology the SUB Aqua Pro advanced water bath range supports even the most demanding applications requiring accurate temperature control. Choose from eight models with base tray and lid included as standard. Ⅲ Ambient +5°C to 99°C operation Ⅲ Set and Forget™ technology - fast heat-up, accurate temperature control Ⅲ Stability ±0.2°C Ⅲ Adjustable over temperature alarm - protect samples from over heating Ⅲ Advanced dry start and run dry protection Ⅲ Three programmable temperature presets Ⅲ 3 year warranty Grant non-drip clear lid, included as standard – improves performance, limits evaporation and conserves energy SAP12 model shown Clear, wide-angle viewing LED display - instant reassurance of bath status Front panel lock disables front panel controls preventing unintentional temperature changes Advanced dry run and run dry protection - prevents costly service repairs in case bath is switched on or run without water. Simply fill and restart User settable over-temperature alarm – provides sample protection. Alerts the user and cuts off heating at user defined temperature Fixed thermal cut-out independent safety cut-out Drain tap – allows convenient emptying on 12L, 18L, 26L, 34L, dual 5&12L baths Heater mat and sensor bonded to underside of tank – optimised uniformity and work space. Tank easy to clean. Markets: Applications: Countdown timer (1-999 mins) with audible buzzer – for accurate reaction timing Three programmable temperature presets – allows commonly used temperatures to be quickly selected User calibration – single or dual-point for optimum accuracy at your working temperatures Ⅲ Pharma/biotech, education, industry, healthcare Ⅲ Sample preparation, sample incubation, sample warming, sample thawing, media preparation, QC materials, practical science demonstration Digital PID control for quick heat-up and precision control throughout the temperature range © Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd

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SUB Aqua Pro digital unstirred water bath range – summary of specifications Advanced unstirred baths – SUB Aqua Pro Tank capacity Temperature range Unstirred water baths Unstirred water baths » SUB Aqua Pro » Specifications, options and accessories Temp. display and setting resolution Temperature setting/energy regulation User adjustable over temp. alarm Fixed thermal cut-out Dry start/run dry protection Programmable temp. presets Countdown timer with audible alarm Working area l x w Drain tap Heater power Supply voltage Replacement polycarbonate transparent lids* AQL2 Directs condensation...

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