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Range of primary knee prostheses

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philosophY The FHK® total knee is a third generation prosthesis resolutely turned towards the user, based on the most widely validated principles of prosthetic knee surgery. RESPECT OF KNEE BIOMECHANICS Fixed bearing The system of postero-stabilisation allows reduce the risk of dislocation without excessive stress on the base. Femoral cam is located in an area to reduce the leverage on the polyethylene and thus loosening constraints. Postero-stabilisation mechanism allows to preserve bone stock. FHK® range offers a choice of implants fixed bearing (PS and CR) and mobile bearing, to match to...

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FEMORAL CHARACTERISTICS TIBIAL CHARACTERISTICS Single radius An optimal tibia coverage Tibial coverage results from a morphological analysis to get closer to the most surfaces commonly encountered. Optimisation of kinematics; Decrease anterior pressure; Make rehabilitation easier; Enhance stability during flexion/extension. Anchorage wings Oriented to the areas with more bone density, they provide a strong primary anchorage, guaranteeing a good osteointegration at longer term. A deep trochlea groove Coating Additional stems They help to ensure good primary stability on poor bones. • Reduces...

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CUSTOM INSTRUMENTATION Choice of femoral reference Femoral cuts choice Choice of both tibial • Tibial cut first • Femoral cut first • Posterior reference • Anterior reference • Intramedullary • Extramedullary FH ORTHOPEDICS S.A.S 3 rue de la Forêt - F 68990 HEIMSBRUNN Tél. +33 3 89 81 90 92 / Fax : +33 3 89 81 80 11 e-mail : orthopedie@fhorthopedics.fr www.fhorthopedics.com USA, FH ORTHOPEDICS INC. 4118 N. Nashville Ave. - Chicago - IL 60634 Tel.: +1 (773) 290 1039 / Fax : +1 (773) 539 9328 e-mail : info-us@fhorthopedics.com www.FHortho.com ◊ - 201206 - © FH ORTHOPEDICS Communication -...

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