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>> PRIMARY STRAIGHT STEM CEMENTED OR CEMENTLESS, STANDARD OR LATERALISED FEMORAL STEM Cementless Hip’n go straight stems are self-locking stems that correspond to a recognised concept. They retain tried and tested advantages (as demonstrated by both experience and the literature), whilst also satisfying the most recent requirements in terms of the neck shape, macrostructures, coatings and instruments set. CONCEPT The universal Hip’n go concept makes it possible to choose, in either the pre-operative or per-operative period, between a standard stem (CCD angle of 130°) and a lateralised stem...

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Impaction or extraction mark METAPHYSIS The tulip-shape of the metaphysis and macrostructures make it possible to obtain excellent primary fixation. The proximal part of the metaphysis has a half-moon mark that makes oriented impaction possible. It also has a thread that makes it easier to remove the stem if necessary. Anterior-posterior and lateral macrostructures COATINGS The Hip’n go cementless stems have a T40 titanium coating on the 2/3 proximal and a hydroxyapatite coating on the whole stem so as to ensure excellent secondary fixation. The T40 titanium spray is only present on the 2/3...

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References STANDARD STEMS 256 597 [Femoral Stem] BIOLOX FORTE CERAMIC HEADS LATERALISED STEMS STAINLESS STEEL HEADS Other implants of the range Hip’n go Dual mobility press-fit Stainless steel, CoCr, Alumina Heads Ø28mm Hip’n go Straight stem, cemented or cementless 130° & 122° Hip’n go Dual mobility Tripod Hip’n go UHMWPE Alumina Heads Ø32, 36mm Hip’n go Ceramic www.fhorthopedics.com s.com ◊ - 200902 - © FH ORTHOPEDICS Communication - hdtig_hip09_ev1 FH ORTHOPEDICS S.A.S 3 rue de la Forêt - F 68990 HEIMSBRUNN Tél. +33 3 89 81 90 92 / Fax : +33 3 89 81 80 11 e-mail :...

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