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PEDIATRIC LINE Web site Use the QR-Code to visit Gruppo Bioimpianti website IFU Use the QR-Code to view complete product informations, including instructions for use, indications and contraindications, precautions and warnings PRODUCT INFORMATION This surgical technique is exclusively intended for medical professionals, especially physicians and surgeons. This document does not constitute medical advice, it does not dispense medical recommendations and it does not convey any diagnostic or therapeutic information. Informations and techniques presented in this document were compiled by a team of medical experts and Gruppo Bioimpianti’s specialists; however Gruppo Bioimpianti excludes any liability for improper use of informations. To fix the plate only use screws of the same material: do not combine screws in stanines steel with titanium plates and vice versa For any information or enquires about this publication or anything else, contact GRUPPO BIOIMPIANTI OPERATING TECHNIQUE Via Liguria 28, 20068 Peschiera Borromeo (Milan) Italy Tel. +39 02 51650371 - Fax +39 02 51650393 info@bioimpianti.it

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Racoon Plate System - 2

RACOON PLATE SYSTEM modulates epiphyseal growth, allowing both angular (asymmetric epiphysiodesis) and longitudinal (symmetrical epiphysiodesis) correction in lower limb deformities, with a minimally invasive approach. 8 shape Three lengths available: 12, 16, 20mm. Anodizing surface treatment, on titanium plates, gives them various colors according to length: • 12mm (yellow color) • 16mm (fuchsia color) • 20mm (light blue color) PLATES MATERIAL The plates are available in the following materials: • Titanium alloy Ti6Al4V grade 5 ELI (ISO 5832-3) • Stainless steel (ISO 5832-1) STAPLE TIPS...

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Racoon Plate System - 3

INSTRUMENT AND PRODUCTS CODES RACOON PLATE SYSTEM TECNICA OPERATORIA INDICATIONS: The components of the RacOOn Plate System are used for surgical procedures of pediatric epiphysiodesis. The system drives epiphyseal growth, allowing for both angular correction (asymmetrical epiphysiodesis), and longitudinal correction (symmetrical epiphysiodesis), in case of deformities of the lower limbs, with a minimally invasive approach. DURATION OF THE TREATMENT • Post implantation monitoring approximately every 3 months. • The healing time for patients with idiopathic axial deviation is on average one...

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