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Web site Use the QR-Code to visit Gruppo Bioimpianti website IFU Use the QR-Code to view complete product informations, including instructions for use, indications and contraindications, precautions and warnings PRODUCT INFORMATION REFERENCES 1) Rosen G., Murphy H.L., Huvos A.G., Gutierrez M., Marcove R.C., “Chemotherapy, en bloc resection, and prosthetic bone replacement in the treatment of osteogenic sarcoma” Cancer 1976 Jan.; 37(1):1-11 2) Lewis M.M., Chekofsky K.M. “Proximal femur replacement for neoplastic disease” Clin: Orthop. 1982 Nov.-Dic.; (171): 72-9 3) Bacci G., Picci P., Ferrari S., Ruggeri P., Casadei R., Tienghi A., Brach del Prever A., Gherlizzoni F., Mercuri M., Monti C. “Primary chemotherapy and delayed surgery for non metastatic osteosarcoma of the extremities” Cancer 1993 Dec..; 72(11):3227-3238 4) Kabukcuoglu Y., Grimer R.J. Tillmann R.M., Carter S.R. “Endoprosthetic replacement for primary maligmant tumors of the proximal femur” Clin. Orthop. 1999 Jan.; (358):8-14 5) HSU RW, Sim F.H., Urao E.Y. “Reoperation results after segmental prosthetic replacement of bone and joint for limb salvage” J Arthroplasty 1999 Aug.;14(5):519-26 OPERATING TECHNIQUE This surgical technique is exclusively intended for medical professionals, especially physicians and surgeons. This document does not constitute medical advice, it does not dispense medical recommendations and it does not convey any diagnostic or therapeutic information. Informations and techniques presented in this document were compiled by a team of medical experts and Gruppo Bioimpianti’s specialists; however Gruppo Bioimpianti excludes any liability for improper use of informations. For any information or enquires about this publication or anything else, contact GRUPPO BIOIMPIANTI. Via Liguria 28, 20068 Peschiera Borromeo (Milan) Italy Tel. +39 02 51650371 - Fax +39 02 51650393

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MODULAR RESECTION STEM Limb salvage surgery is today a reliable option in the management of bone tumors. Goals of proximal femur replacement are preservation of limb length, restoration of appropriate hip center, and achievement of satisfactory stability throughout a functional range of motion. The Modular Resection Stem SMR Resection combines simplicity and versatility providing a wide range of recostructive options. The system consists of three modular basic elements: • Proximal component (135° neck - shaft angle); • Distal component; • Locking screw; The modularity allows intraoperative...

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CYLINDRICAL SPACER MATERIALS Titanium alloy Ti6Al4V Grade 5 ELI (ISO 5832-3), which ensures excellent bio-compatibility and mechanical strength. The surface finish of the proximal component is obtained by abrasion with corundum to increase the contact surface and thereby improve prosthesis-bone anchorage. An additional component can be added to the system: the 50mm cylindrical spacer. Spacers can be used, for a maximum of two pieces, with proximal components longer than or equal to 175mm. In this way, longer stem lengths (225, 250, 275, 300mm) can be achieved and even longer resections can...

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SMR RESECTION INSTRUMENT CODES INDICAZIONI: The SMR Resection stem is indicated in cancer of the proximal femur. In particular: primary malignant bone tumors not involving important neurovascular structures; metastatic tumors; benign bone tumors that have a considerable expansion in the soft tissues (stage 3) or pathological fracture. This stem is indicated for cemented implants. CONTRAINDICATIONS: The hip joint surgery is absolutely contraindicated in cases of: systemic or local infection, sepsis, and osteomyelitis. It is relatively contraindicated in case of: Osteoporosis; Patient...

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